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Heavy Interdictors

Edit:  a lot of people seem to be comming to this page on the back of searches relating to Heavy interdictors – make sure you also have a look at the Heavy Interdictor guide I wrote here: https://evemonkey.wordpress.com/2009/09/07/heavy-interdictor-guide/

Since moving to 0.0 space a couple of months ago, I have been flying  almost exclusively in Heavy Interdictors (aka “HIC’s”) and have fallen in love with these expensive, and unique ships.

The interdictor (sometimes known as the light interdictor or “dictor” or even “dic” if the FC is feeling phallic: “how many HIC’s and Dic’s do we have today?”) is a destroyer class ship that is able to launch warp disruption fields that last for about 30 seconds at a time.  it’s a strange decision by CCP to make it so, but to fly a Heavy interdictor, one does not have to fly a light interdictor. Unlike the mandatory progression through assault ships to heavy assault ships, the player has a choice which path they will go down.  I was tossing up between the two, until I found the following 4 step guide to flying a light dictor in someone’s bio:

  1. Buy, and fit your new interdictor
  2. undock from station
  3. update your clone
  4. Repeat from Step 1

And so I chose the way of the Heavy Interdictor.

But first, a little theory:

Warp disruption Bubbles 101

Multiple anchored warp disruption field generators encapsulating a gate in 0.0 space:

In 0.0 space, players have the ability to deploy anchorable items known as mobile warp disruptors.  When deployed, these modules project a sphere (or “bubble”) within which no ship may enter warp. These bubbles range from a radius of 5km (for a small tech 1) to a radius of 40km (for a large tech II). Further, if a ship is in warp and the edge of the bubble is within 100km of the warp destination, the ship will get pulled to the edge of the bubble.

If a warp disruption bubble is placed behind a gate at (for example) 50km, a ship warping to the gate from a direction where their trajectory would be in-line with the deployed disruptor, the ship will be pulled past the gate and into the edge of the bubble, right where the gate campers want them to be (think of the warp disruption field like a gravity well).  this is called  a “drag” or “sling” bubble.  If a bubble is placed directly over a gate, ships jumping into the system through the gate, will have to fly out of the bubble prior to being able to warp off, allowing time for the defending fleet to shoot them to little bits, and ships warping to the gate from any direction will land off the gate at the edge of the bubble.

Now, the problem with these deployable warp disruptors are as follows: large bubbles cost upwards of 30 million isk per Tech II bubble.  They take 4 minutes to anchor/activate and they take up 583m3 of cargo.  Wouldn’t it be great to be able to fit a mobile warp disruptor module to a ship so it can fly around and deploy at a moments notice?

Heavy Interdictors

My beloved Gothic Robo-chicken:

Enter the Heavy Interdictor: As a Tech II cruiser, the HIC has the unique ability among eve ships to fit a warp disruption field generator module.  This module projects a warp disruption bubble with a radius of up to 20km which deploys instantly and moves with the ship. Whereas an interceptor can lock down one ship at a time, a HIC can prevent an entire fleet from warping and can be deployed in the middle of a hostile fleet at a moment’s notice, holding them in place for the slaughter.

They can also be used defensively in the same way as the anchorable bubbles: If your fleet is sitting on a gate and you detect incoming hostile gate fire, your HIC can bubble the gate instantly and massively increase the chances of your  getting a kill. Two or three HIC’s acting in concert can really mess up the bad guy’s day.

Two HIC’s spread out defending a gate while a short-range Friendly fleet waits for the bad guys to come:

HIC and DIC bubbles at a gate after a small engagement:


Where the HIC really shines though, is super-capital fleet tackling. Loading the HIC’s warp disruption bubble with a Focused warp disruption script allows them to project a focused warp disruption point on any one ship out to 30km. This focused beam has an infinite warp disrupt power modifier, causing the Heavy interdictor to be the ONLY ship in the game that can effectively tackle Titans andMotherships, which are otherwise immune to warp scrambling.

As such, the HIC is often a prime target for a hostile fleet that wants to get its capital ships out of the field of battle alive. Further, in a HIC’s most critical role of tackling hostile Titans, they are inevitably the subject of a Titan Doomsday device, the one weapon that gets even seasoned 0.0 veterans shaking in their pods…  Happily however, the Heavy Interdictor sports some of the highest possible resistances of any ship in the game.:

My onyx, tanked for all possible damage:

Shield resistances at 82%, 94%, 90% and 83% for em, thermal, kinetic and explosive respectively, combined with fleet bonuses mean that I rarely enter a fight with less than 105,000 effective hit points and in this case my fleet commander had a nice command ship with shield bonuses active – giving me 127,143 Hit points – not bad for a cruiser class ship  🙂  Normally the cloak is not required but the FC asked for cloaked HICtors and Dictors to give the bad guys a bit of a suprise. This little baby has survived through four doomsday devices (two simultaneously) in one engagement without going into armour.

Flying a Heavy interdictor took a bit of getting used to however, prior to flying them I’ve been used to Falcons, scorpions and covert ops ships – most of which stay far away from the battle.  However, as a HIC pilot you can’t help but get right into the thick of things.

Fearlessly defending the QXW-PV gate in the MJYW-3 system in Cloud Ring region against an armada of hostile battleships


I have a personal preference for shield tanked HIC’s because an Armor tanked HIC will need repairing after a doomsday or two, wereas a shield tanked HIC such as the Onyx has the advantage of natural, automatic shield regeneration.

I have found that when tackling Capital fleets, that any sort of interdictor gets attacked as a priority from any supporting fleet.  Thankfully damage from a sniping battleship gang can be mitigated somewhat by keeping moving, orbiting youre target at 5000m seems to reduce the damage taken.  I managed not to die in a recent battle between Mostly Harmless and Evoke alliances in 9-4RP2 where quite a few capital ships were lost.  Some of my Heavy interdictor brothers weren’t quite as lucky unfortunately.

Tackling a Revelation class Dreadnought with a focused warp disruption script in a battle for control of 9-4RP2:

in any case, ❤ HIC’s

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