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Quick war update: PL gives us a cap battle

September 30, 2009 3 comments

Just a quick update lest anyone say this blog is biased towards the Northern Coalition. PL Finally engaged in a Capital fight… and kicked our asses.

I wasn’t there unfortunately due to it being at some ungodly hour of the morning for me, so I can’t give you an exciting battle report or awesome screenshots, but a large number of coalition members were. the NC side of the story says that there was a bit of a SNAFU with the FCing and some carriers on our side that died weren’t fit correctly. It must be said though – the killboard numbers are skewed for Pandemic legion because they turned up in battleships and then swapped out to dreads. They used the situation to their advantage against superior numbers – Good on them.

here are the stats anyway:

more info in the MH killboard here:
and a COAD post here:

There is apparently a NC version of that battle report on the Scrapheap challenge forums if you’re into that kind of thing, but I’m not so I don’t have a link for you.

Despite the fact we lost, I would have loved to have been there. Nevertheless, I console myself with (by popular demand) more capital fleet pictures from the other night:

Honestly, the fleet was so big and the system such a poor colour for this type of thing that there were hardly any opportunities for artsy shots…



TCF brought an Aeon Mothership:


Eve on a mobile Device?

September 29, 2009 12 comments

Welcome to the twelfth installment of the EVE Blog Banter, the monthly EVE Online blogging extravaganza created by CrazyKinux. The EVE Blog Banter involves an enthusiastic group of gaming bloggers, a common topic within the realm of EVE Online, and a week to post articles pertaining to the said topic. The resulting articles can either be short or quite extensive, either funny or dead serious, but are always a great fun to read! Any questions about the EVE Blog Banter should be directed here. Check out other EVE Blog Banter articles at the bottom of this post!

This month’s banter comes to us from CrazyKinux himself, who asks the following: First there was the MMO on the PC, and now with the recent announcement of DUST 514, EVE will soon be moving onto consoles. But what about mobile? Allow your imagination to run wild for a second and describe how you would see EVE being ported to mobile devices, whether the iPhone/iPod touch, Blackberrys or Android-based devices. Dream the impossible for us!


(Out of Character:) As soon as I read this subject, I immediately thought of my character Akura, trying to access his corporation and alliance mail, live chat channels, intel channels, wallet, training queue….. why would anyone subject themselves to the torture of trying to do that on a mobile phone. anyway, the image it conjured made me inspired to write this little short story. Relevant or not, I hope you enjoy it.


Akura woke up and jumped out of bed with enthusiasm. He had been looking forward to this day for quite a while. Today was the day his many hundreds of millions of isk invested in his pet project were going to finally pay off. Today was the day his research and development agents had promised they would have a prototype ready.He quickly dressed, threw down a protein shake for breakfast, cleaned his teeth, ran a quick diagnostic on his neural implants and went out in to the hall to the elevator heading for the lab.


The research lab had two entrances; one for Pod pilots, leading into a luxurious lounge, with a bar and comfortable lounge chairs. This room was used for demonstrations and information sessions and was fitted out to ensure the elite, immortal pod pilots would have every comfort available. The second entrance was for the workers in the lab itself and lead directly to the research and development floors. Akura always preferred to enter via the second entrance. He had never quite made up his mind whether it was because he preferred to cut past the smoke and mirrors and see the technical details first-hand, or that he enjoyed the panic he caused amongst the researchers as they tripped over themselves to make themselves be noticed by a pod pilot.

When Akura arrived, everyone was buzzing around, making last minute adjustments to equipment. He stood there by the door for a while, just watching and enjoying being incognito until finally the lead project manager noticed him standing there and rushed over to greet him “Good morning Mr Kawanaka sir!” he said with a poorly executed bow. “It is a great honour for us to have you here this morning. Please, make yourself comfortable” he indicated the nearby couch “If it would please you I can send someone to fetch you a drink from the upstairs bar if you like, the demonstration will be ready to begin in 5 minutes or so sir”. “No thank you Peter” Akura said, laughing. “A can of Quafe from the vending machine will go down just fine.”

In short order, quafe in hand, and surrounded by a ring of eager R&D people, Akura was staring down at a small device sitting on the table in front of him. it was obviously not a finished product, wires sticking out all over the place, but it held a promise of a slick palm-sized gadget. The screen was about half the size of the device and the other half had some keys, with letters overlaid on numbers. “It’s a Mobile Neocom interface and Sub-space coupling device” started Peter, “It will link into the neocom network and allow you to access all the information you can normally access from your pod, but in a device small enough for you to carry around with you.”. Peter continued enthusiastically, pushing buttons and causing numbers and information to flow across the screen. “Corporation and alliance mail and live communication channels, Neural Training queues, bank account and market transactions, everything! My personal favorite is the ship fitting tool. you can order your ships stripped and modules interchanged all from this device.”

Akura was impressed, “This is all very good, however, I am rarely away from a computer terminal, and when I am, I’m either asleep or in my pod. I already have access to all this information the majority of the time. and with the new COSMOS network being released shortly, I’ll be able to access all this information from any terminal in any station that I can dock at.”
“Yes sir, but haven’t you often said yourself that you have wished you could read your mail or check your market transactions while you were in a corporation or alliance board meeting? This device will connect you with the neocom wherever you are and no matter how dull your surroundings are.”
“hmm, well I suppose it will enable voice communications with my alliance and corporation also?”
“of course sir, well…. actually it only allows you to contact one person at a time, but we’re working on that.”
Akura raised his eyebrows in surprise. “what? when I’m in a fleet, I can talk to hundreds of my corporation, alliance and coalition members simultaneously via our voice communications… are you telling me this device can only be used for one person at a time?”
Peter looked nervous “yes sir, I’m sorry but the station networks are somewhat out-dated and…”
“nevermind” Akura interrupted irritably “Tell me about how you’ve been progressing with the primary purpose of this project, the reason I have poured over five hundred million isk into this whole thing? How have you progressed with allowing me to fly my ships from this mobile device?”

The Project leader’s smile faltered. “yes, well, we’ve had a few issues with that. the sub-space coupling technology has been the largest stumbling block that this project has had to overcome. We’re breaking new technological ground here. We have rudimentary flight controls enabled, but the problem is, frankly, bandwidth.”
“you said you had rudimentary controls?”
“yes sir, very basic flight controls and the ability to turn on certain modules”
“well, let me give it a whirl then”
“let me try it out – I have a spare rifter in the cargo bay – let me see if I can shoot some pirates”

After an initial few minutes setting up and connecting the device, Akura was shown an image of the outside of his rifter, on the screen on the device. “great!” he said “let’s undock then” the undock button, while small, was fairly clearly labeled.


“so far, so good” Akura said, “let’s see if we can warp around a bit…. wait….where’s my intel channels”
“here sir” Peter touched the screen and it was immediately covered with windows and scrolling text.
“ahh, well, that’s no good, now I can’t see my ship….and the buttons are too small to push accurately.” he made an attempt at pressing the ‘warp to’ button. the screen shuddered and became pixellated, displaying the rifter in a jerky fashion. Finally, it loaded an image of an asteroid belt, but the image was still flashing and updating irregularly.
“that would be the bandwidth issue then?”
“possibly sir, although…..”
Peter reached over and pressed another button, a window with the ship fittings and shield, armour and hull integrity details were displayed.
“well, that can’t be right” muttered peter, “it’s showing the shields at zero… and now the armour is at zero…”
The screen of the device went blank with a small pop and smoke trailed out the top.

There was a deathly silence in the room. Then Akura started laughing. “my corporation told me I was crazy to continue with this project, they said: ‘Akura, nothing can compete with the control that a pod pilot has over their ship, a single rifter under the direct control of a good pod pilot is worth ten thousand remote controlled motherships.’ Perhaps I should have listened to them before I sold my carrier to pay for this dead end project. Mobile devices such as these may be useful for limited purposes, but it appears they are more trouble than they are worth.”

As he stood in the elevator as it traveled down to his hanger, Akura resigned himself to the fact that the pod itself was still the best possible device for communication and control of a ship, despite the risk inherent in flying in 0.0 combat and constant fear of being podded… the fraction of an instant of pain, turned into a fading memory of a nightmare as the mind claws its way back into conciousness in a new clone. The rest of humanity was fortunate, they only had to die once.

As the elevator doors opened, Akura stepped out onto the expansive platform, surveying all his docked ships. A smile crept into his lips as he stared past these, out through the force field covering the dock entrance and into the stars. “Yes, today is a good day to die”.


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NC kills another PL POS

September 28, 2009 8 comments

There was 3.5hrs to go until a planned Northern Coalition operation to kill a Pandemic Legion POS and I logged in before dinner just to check my mail and restock ammo etc in preparation. We had reinforced the Pandemic Legion high-end moon mining tower a couple of days ago and it was due to come out. I was expecting a relaxing evening finished off with a bit of a POS bash. This was certainly not the case.

Scramble the fleet!

My Occator deep space transport ship about to fill up a jump bridge

As soon as I logged on, there were fleet invitations being spammed in alliance and in corp, instructions to X up in the Norther Coalition intel channels and orders to bring as many capital ships as possible. Something big was going down.

I jumped in my Onyx, (as usual) hoping that we’d be finally getting a capital ship fight. but as soon as I had, my corp mate yelled that his dread was stuck at a jump bridge with no fuel – so I finnaly had an opportunity to use my brand new Occator. Quickly bought 11 mil worth of Liquid ozone and went and saved the day! who says Industrial ships can’t contribute to the war effort. of course, I can’t kill anything with it so I got back in my ever so trusty gothic robo-chicken.


The FC explained the reason for the rushing… Pandemic Legion had anchored and onlined a Cynosural Jammer on their tower in the system. We had to get as many capitals in before it onlined. In what most of us consider an amazing effort, the NC formed a fleet with the people that were online and had moved over 160 capital ships into the target system OOTY-J along with a fairly good sized support fleet. Mostly Harmless, Morsus Mihi, Wildly Inapropriate and Tau Ceti Federation had all come along to the fight. This was the biggest capital fleet all in one place that I’ve been able to take a screenshot of.

A Northern Coalition Capital Fleet Blob

The capital fleet incapacitated all the modules on the already reinforced Pos and took out the cyno jammer just for something to do. The support fleet mostly stayed on the gates, stopping the occasional PL member trying to get into the system.

NC capital fleets at the hostile POS

After all the modules were destroyed, we settled in to wait the hour remaining until the tower came out of reinforced. We got word that They would be bringing their allies Sons of Tangra and Cry Havoc. We were all anticipating a massive fight.

… but unfortunately, nothing eventuated, we killed the tower and then went and reinforced some more PL towers back in X-7O. Perhaps if we had not been able to rally such a large capital fleet into the target system before the cyno jammer went active we may have had more of a fight.

Come on Pandemic Legion – give us a cap fight!

NC Vs Pandemic Legion update

September 27, 2009 Leave a comment

Templar Fighter drone launched from a Mothership… oh sorry – “super-carrier” *shakes head*

The war with Pandemic Legion has been dissapointing so far. They’ve reinforced some pos’s, we’ve reinforced and killed some of theirs back. They’ve had a bit of fun having some t1 cruiser and battle cruiser gangs which we’ve had fun killing and they’ve had a few wins with trying a painful 50-person stealth bomber gang which we’ve mostly had the good sense to run from.

There have been no capital ship slug fests which I’ve been looking forward to, possibly because the Northern Coalition has always managed to bring more numbers than they could possibly handle effectively. We’ve had consistent help from Wildly Inapropriate and Morsus Mihi and TCF have come allong a few times also.

This Sunday night I had the opportunity to scout – we had run out of covert ops ships and it didn’t look like we were going to get much of a fight so I jumped in my Buzzard instead of my usual Onyx.


Buzzard Covert Ops frigate in warp, yes, that’s a civilian miner fitted…. no, this is not a shot of the one I was using during the fleet.

Scouting for large fleets is something I have mixed feelings about – it’s an extremely vital role which requires the scout to always have good concentration and an awareness of the surrounding systems (ombey maps For The Win, print them out and have them in front of you.), but the job involves moments of intense boredom interspersed with moments of extreme adrenaline. This is the first time I’ve scouted for a non-roaming fleet. We were saving a reinforced Northern Coalition POS in X-7OMU, a system which I hate with a passion. It’s huge, has 3 NPC stations and we have a jump bridge system that allows us to avoid it for the most part, and so I have not spent the time setting up bookmarks on gates that all scouts should have. But for the majority of the night I was sitting at 200ish off the hostile POS, waiting for them to make a move (which they didn’t). fun times….

Hostile Pos with a boring battleship fleet sitting there doing nothing

At one point I was sent to stare at a gate for a while, and the FC thankfully had a separate scout channel so we could give him intel that wasn’t important enough to shout out on Teamspeak. There were a couple of times Pandemic Legion warped in a HAC and/or battleship fleet, but for the most part though, it was a very boring night. Even Maru Ka’ge were not up to their usual quality of smack talk. Perhaps 460 people in local was a bit intimidating even for them.

This war has certainly showed us that Pandemic Legion are not all that. Sure, they’ve got some good pilots, but they’ve got no serious hope of making a dent in the Northern coalition.

The non-pos bashing pew is certainly appreciated though 🙂 and major props to them for moving into hostile territory for the sake of a few good fights 😀

Muninn Firing

September 27, 2009 2 comments

Muninn Heavy Assault Cruiser firing

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First battle: Northern Coalition Win

September 24, 2009 Leave a comment

So I wasn’t there, but the first actual battle between Pandemic Legion and Northern Coalition forces was a bit of a non-event. NC outnumbered PL by nearly 3:1 and PL didn’t bring any capital ships…. perhaps they’re just seeing our tactics or something….

Perhaps by the weekend it will ramp up a bit more. We’ll see what happens Friday.

The calm before the storm

September 23, 2009 Leave a comment

“First blood has been drawn
All the pieces set in place
Battle cries ring out”
– Akura Kawanaka

Today Pandemic Legion reinforced a Northern Coalition POS. War has arrived.

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