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New Shiny!


Back when the Apocropha expansion first came out, the corp I was with at the time decided to move into wormhole space to take advantage of the lucrative industrial-type stuff available. We knew because of the high demand of the new T3 technology that we’d be able to make quite a good little packet of isk.

So we turned from being low-sec anti-pirate to wormhole carebears overnight, set up 3 large pos’s in a lvl 5 wormhole chosen for its shield bonuses, moved in one dread and two carriers to take care of the pos that already existed in the hole and then set to work draining the system and every nearby system dry of resources, including the ABC ores and sweet sweet fullerite-c540 which worked out at one stage to be 50 mil per hour per person mining the stuff.

Long story short: there was a need for industrial craft. and so I swallowed my pride and trained galente industrial up to IV and most of the way to V. I found that I could get allong just fine with an iteron IV so I left the training to lvl V sitting at 2 days remaining.


Well, I finally bit the bullet and trained the remaining 2 days and bought myself a shiny new Occator. Behold!:

Obligatory “X by starlight” shot of an Occator Class deep space transport ship (by starlight)

yes, very shiny. and although I’m not a PVE person I have good reason for wanting to own one of these. but first, another screenshot (I’m sure you can’t tell I always get excited at new ships)

Occator Class deep space transport ship approaching a station

Reasons for owning one

  • Moving a whole bunch of spare modules, ammo and bits and pieces, spare unrigged ships etc is a pain in any security space. The occator can carry huge loads. 35,508.9m3 with some (now thankfully cheaper) medium cargo optimization rigs. that makes picking up a jet can a walk in the park. (incidentally it was at about 26k without the rigs).
  • Moving stuff in 0.0 space is dangerous – fitting warp core stabs to your ship reduces targeting range (not that you really need that on an industrial) and takes up low slots that could be used for tank. the Occator has a role bonus of the equivalent of two warp core stabilizers without any of the drawbacks:
  • the transport ships skill (all 30mill worth) allows me to fly viators – the warp-cloaked version of the occator. this will allow me to support black-ops gangs by carrying fuel and ammo in case there is a shortage of those pilots and surplus of stealth bombers.
  • My final reason for getting one is because I predict that the up-comming expansion will have a heavy focus on industry. I’ve read somewhere before about CCP saying they wanted nullsec soverignty to be based not only on pos-spamming, but also let the industrial-types contribute towards holding space. so I’m anticipating many alliance mining operations in the future.

    There you go, I’ve not got much else to say in this post, but there’s no shortage of things to write about: There’s been some interesting developments in the war against Sons of Tangra recently, Defi4nt alliance are moving into Cloud ring to have a go at holding their own space with the help of TCF (and we welcome a second alliance in Cloud Ring, which is tough enough to defend as it is), and we’ve been doing a little bit of spring cleaning of the NPC systems in our space so I’ll be writing about all that shortly including some shots of novel uses of bubbles and a bit of an explanation of the advantages of the tactical overlay for Hictor pilots.

    Until then, Fly safe!


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