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Tech 1 Frig Fest

Out of Character Public Health Warning: This post may contain a screenshot(s) of a non-eve game. Specifically one of the game, often shortened to the three letters W, O, and W

The war with Sons of Tangra was all but over, our space was no longer under any serious threat of being overrun. It was time for the population of Mostly Harmless to get some well-needed rest, make some iskies and generally kick back for a couple of weeks and relieve some of the tension that had built up over the last few months. Of course, for pew pew types like myself, who’d rather poke our eye out with the pointy bit at the front of a raven than shoot rats in asteroid belts, these lull periods, while welcome, can get boring. We live for the pew, and we just wanted to have some good, clean and preferably cheap fun!

The solution to this problem was blatantly obvious:

“Tech 1 Frig Fest!!!” exclaimed the senior FC. to which the response was a resounding “YARRRRRR!!!”.

…and so it began.

Tech 1 Frig Fest

For almost a week prior to the Big Event, advertisements were posted on the alliance forums and filtered down to the corp forums. Invitations were extended to all other members of the Northern coalition with orders to form up in C4C-Z4. The FC and helpers moved nearly 1 Billion isk worth of T1 frigates fittings and ammunition. enough for everyone expected to come to fit out two ships.

We fully expected this to be a suicide operation, so I jumped into my no-implant clone and bought two Kestrel’s. Now, to be honest, I have never used a t1 frigate in anger in PvP. last time I flew a t1 frigate was when I was a newbie doing lvl1 missions. further, I have never flown an interceptor, preferring to stay at a distance during a fight. my first t2 ship was a Kitsune, the Electronic Warfare frigate of the Caldari. Shortly thereafter I flew a covert ops, then blackbirds/falcons. I really have an aversion to close-combat: “you what? you want me to fly at full speed towards that battleship!!?!? in my tiny frigate?!??”

And so, this was a new experience. I was looking forward to it really. If I ever train up interceptors, I’ll need the practice, so I was optimistic, but expected to die horribly very quickly.

My kestrel, Yes, I rigged it with speed rigs – they are so cheap these days. I know, there’s only 3 missiles, get over it, I slapped it together in 2 minutes and couldn’t fit a mwd with 4 missiles on. yes, I know, I’m using the wrong type of missile damage – get off my back it cost less than 3 mil to put together!

As the time to leave drew nearer, Local started filling up. I believe pilots from TCF, Defi4nt, Razor, Morsus Mihi and the Council answered the call, some had come 56 jumps from the other side of eve to participate. As we fitted out our ships, Local swelled to over 150 people, and with it came the heady feeling that you only get when you’re with a large bunch of people all going to do something really stupid. we all knew: The Pew… it would be glorious!

Roll out!

The order came to undock, and like a swarm of bees, we hovered around the undock point at the station. it was at this point we got word in our intel channels, that there was a gang of approximately 12-15 Huzzah Federation approaching our location. Then we saw one of them in local and the FC called for everyone to go to the gate we knew they were comming from. we were too late however, the hostile had bugged out (I would have paid good isk to see the look on his face).


After a few more minutes of sorting things out, the FC explained his rules, they were simple: Everyone must have a drink, Everyone must name their frigate after their favourite supercapital, and there will be No Scouts. everyone Yarr’d their approval and we were off. With a destination set for the empire gate of EC-. it took us a few jumps to get the hang of things, and to prevent us all clogging the gates, the FC had to split the fleet up into two groups which would jump in at separate times.

Someone thought they’d be smart and brought a destroyer. What I didn’t know was that this slows down the fleet when doing a “fleet warp”. we were doing 3au/s for the first few jumps until the FC realised what was going on. he reiterated that this was a t1 frigate-only operation and gave us all permission to kill the destroyer should we see it in local after the next jump. A collective “Yarrr” was the only reply. The destroyer pilot had the good sense however to gtfo of the fleet and come back in a frigate.

frigate fleet in warp

Unfortunately a fleet of frigates is extraordinarily difficult to take a screenshot of. for the most part, I had to take shots with my brackets on so you could see anything. This was my best non-bracket shot:


It wasn’t long before we found the Huzzah gang once more, we didn’t have scouts, but we had people not in the fleet mention they were in p-2. it turned out they were in stealth bombers. this is the one thing that a 133 man tech 1 frigate fleet fears most – one bomb could take out the whole fleet. of course, we jumped into system immediately and I put a “LEEEERROOOYYYY!!!!!” in local. I was delighted when quite a number in fleet responded “JENKINS!!!”. This was of course reference to the late Leeroy Jenkins (may he rest in peace) who died so long ago on the Planet Azeroth in the U-BRS system. This is a popular, yet dangerous pleasure planet where myself and a number of other pod pilots spent their gap year between School and Pod-pilot University, dressing outrageously and generally having a good time.

Me smack talking in local to Nefarius, the “Lord” of Black Rock Spire. I wasn’t afraid of him because I knew in a year or two I could pew pew his precious Spire off the face of the planet in my battleship

well, the threat of future retaliation by battleship got him off his precious throne and I installed myself and two priest slaves

Ahh, those were the days. Anyway, back to the Frig Fest:

So we jumped in and managed to kill two stealth bombers and an interceptor. I didn’t manage to lock these up in time so no kill mails for me.

Shortly thereafter we jumped into the NPC system of X-70 where we mucked arround at the station for a bit until one of our members who was running late and on his way to join the fleet mentioned that a tengu Strategic Cruiser was on its way to us. we Yarred in excitement. and sure enough, it came through the gate (these people seriously need to learn to use intel channels – he jumped into a system with over 100 hostiles in a T3 ship!) in any case – his ship was very quickly melted and produced a hilarious killmail and my first t3 kill. (killmails involving large fleets don’t display the damage done properly – I’m certain he took more than 4651 damage and I’m certain I did more than the 0 displayed. in anycase, within the space of 2 minutes we had killed more than the entire fleet’s worth of value and everyone was in high spirits.

We made our way back to c4c to replace the few ships we lost and the FC proposed a toast: “Everyone: if you have booze, type ‘B’ in fleet… if you have weed, type ‘W’ in fleet…..” fleet chat scrolled up with B’s and W’s and BW’s and even some C’s… then the FC toasted: “To Draeler! the man who got us a T3 kill, …drinks ready… and… drink! Weed ready?…. take a big pull and hold it!” he then proceeded to leave his mike open and bubbling sounds floated into our headsets. “Hold it!” he said again breathlessly. A pause for a second…. “And breath out…” he said finally.

and so it continued this way for about 3 hours with the above ritual repeated at regular intervals. we traveled through Evoke territory and ended up next to a high sec system where a few of us (myself included) replaced our ships that had been blown up. Most of us died to stealth bomber bombs, and I thankfully died only 3 jumps from high sec so I didn’t have to fly arround in my pod for too long.

And so I bought myself a Merlin:


At that point we had a lottery for a t2 frig of our choice – I didn’t win :-(. and then we headed off to visit Sons of Tangra in Fountain region. where surprisingly we got three battleships and a rapier despite the fact our fleet had dwindled down to 67 people. We also had a faction frigate lottery (which I also didn’t win). all up, I went through 3 glasses of whiskey got 13 kills (3 pods) and had the best time I’ve had in eve to date!

The Post from the FC on our forums said it all:

“T1 Frig Fest TOTAL ISK DESTROYED/Looted: 1.945billion
T3 Tengu destroyed.. Half dozen battleships dead.. several SB’s dead.. numerous other ships destroyed!
T1 Losses, 59MH frigs + ally frigs totally no more than 300 mil in isk we actually lost purchasing equipment.
Next time: ORBIT your target when instructed. Don’t die to smartbombs!
Thanks to everyone who joined. We massacred our enemies.
You Tube videos coming soon!!”


  1. September 13, 2009 at 13:09

    I wanna see those youtube videos mentioned 😀

    • evemonkey
      September 13, 2009 at 13:34

      ahh – still haven’t been posted on our forums – I’ll chase that up 🙂

  2. evemonkey
    September 15, 2009 at 14:19

    No Video yet
    My Pleas all go unheeded
    up on the forums

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