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Eve politics and a battle report

Expansion discussion? Pah..

I hate being cliché and as such have resolved not to talk about game patches overly much except if I have a unique story to tell. Already people (well, the websites and pod casts that I have read/listened to have talked to death about the up-coming patch Dominion. Seeing as how no specific details have been given (apart from the leaked patch items that strongly imply that we’ll be able to anchor things near gates), I refuse to speculate, and although they’re struggling to burst forth onto this blog, I’m trying to keep my thoughts and opinions to myself until I can definitely say “X mechanic is_dumb/won’t_work because of Y” or “ABC change is brilliant because of XYZ”.

One thing is clear however, whatever happens: Mostly Harmless will have to shrink in terms of area held (and this is already happening as we speak – and I talk about it a bit below). As far as I know, we are the only alliance in the game to control the better part of three and a half regions of nullsec space: Fade (our traditional home-base), Pure Blind (where our combat forces currently stage from due to its central location), Cloud ring (which we hold because IRON alliance bugged out and we didn’t want those hostile to the NC getting a foothold) and Branch (which admittedly we are effectively borrowing from Razor, but still).

Politics and stuff

In order to facilitate this shrinkage, we are already in the process of handing over most of Cloud ring to Defi4nt alliance and TCF. Defi4nt are currently renting space in Deklein region from TCF and with TCF and the rest of the NC’s blessing have decided they’d like to have a go at holding their own sovereign space.

Gratuitous shot of a Ragnarok class Titan in order to break up the wall of text.

Contrary to popular opinion (and much tears have been shed in the COAD forums in order to create this opinion) the Northern Coalition does not counter every attack on every member’s territory with a massive blob of capital ships from every NC alliance, nor do we have regular roaming gangs or 150+ battleships on a regular basis, that obliterate every tiny frigate that dares set foot in NC sovereign space. The reality (although far more boring) is that for the most part, the member alliances leave each other alone and each member fights their own battles. If one member’s sovereignty is seriously threatened however, and usually it has to be by another large sovereignty holding alliance, it is then we bring out force appropriate to remove the threat.

And so we have mostly left Cloud ring alone for the past few weeks, allowing TCF and Defi4nt to establish themselves and play a bit of eve with the local insurgents such as Evoke and SOT who love planting a pos or two to provoke a fight.

But recently Evoke planted a few POS’s close to the central station system of 9-4 (again). This wouldn’t be a problem normally as surely the combined might of TCF and Defy should be enough to push them out, but we got word that a fleet of Against All Authorities alliance (a Large 0.0 holding alliance in the south) was coming into support Evoke/SoT/Huzzah et all in claiming a portion of cloud ring. So Mostly harmless marshalled its forces and went to their aid. It turned out in the end that the AAA fleet actually came via a wormhole and were a cruiser gang rather than a large sov-threatening battleship fleet, but hey – any excuse for a bit of pew.

Pew Pew!!

It wasn’t an overly complex fight. The target system was Z-Y7R7 but it was cyno jammed, and for the lack of a direct jump bridge route, we used a titan (yay! I was finally able to take shots of a Ragnarok without it being muddled up by pos modules or other ships) to bridge into a nearby system and then jumped in the boring way.

Our rarely seen Ragnarok Titan, about to bridge a fleet accross regions

I honestly can’t remember the sequence of events, but we ended up engaged in a solid 30 minute fight on a gate with TCF and defiant on our side and Evoke and some SoT on the hostile side. once again I was flying my trusty Gothic Robo-Chicken (my onyx) and suprisingly the fight for me was a little bit more interesting than usual.

I didn’t end up figuring out who it was (or even if it was one person) but I was being neuted for most of the fight. Thankfully I had brought a Nosferatu myself and was able to maintain both my active shield hardeners and my bubble for most of the fight. I usually pick a nice jucy amarr battleship that is not the primary target to suck energy from, but halfway throught the fight I had the unfortunate luck of picking the primary or secondary nearly every time I switched targets and my energy was not replenished fast enough.

Cap just starting to recover from being drained, bubble and one hardner offline (HIC’s were told to bring a cloak and a cyno)

Thankfully I found another golden bannana in a short space of time and I was back up and running.

Thank you Shadow Jumper – you helped me hold your fleet in place

Here’s a nice shot of about halfway through the fight – as you can see there are bubbles spread out a bit, we tried to lock down everything we could and there was a carrier fleet at 100km from the gate that we also had some tackle on (they must have entered the system before the jammer went up or by jump bridge or something) . The slightly darker bubbles are from inderdictors with the lighter ones from HIC’s.


Initialy the bad guys had a number of HIC’s/dic’s also but they started trying to bug out about 20 mins into the fight and myself and some of the other HIC’s took a bit of a beating.

At the end of it the score (according to the MH killboard) was 117 to 73 in our favour. And although you can’t really trust killboard stats (some of our dictors/hics got on allied kills due to their bubbles) the fight was won by the the NC fairly decisively and we went off to bash their Pos’s.

Battleship fleet alligning out of a pos

Halfway through one Pos’ however, the server crashed… I swear it wasn’t us! This led to some losses on our side as people logged in to find themselves the only ship at a hostile pos.

I definately enjoyed the whole thing, as did nearly everyone I know who was part of it, and I managed to rack up 44 kills in those first 30 mins (not including two pods), a rate which I think I’m going to be hard-pressed to beat (and of course I don’t take all the credit for these – I held them down while my buddies shot them up). Despite what the smack-talk that appears on the COAD forums by tiny little alliances who tend to reside in NPC systems says, we really do appreciate what evoke do and the fights that they have with us. Heck – perhaps after the new Dominion patch it might be nice for them to have a bit of sov within cloud ring – they may even become allies one day, but I think not – they seem to just want to play eve.

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