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NC Vs Pandemic Legion update

Templar Fighter drone launched from a Mothership… oh sorry – “super-carrier” *shakes head*

The war with Pandemic Legion has been dissapointing so far. They’ve reinforced some pos’s, we’ve reinforced and killed some of theirs back. They’ve had a bit of fun having some t1 cruiser and battle cruiser gangs which we’ve had fun killing and they’ve had a few wins with trying a painful 50-person stealth bomber gang which we’ve mostly had the good sense to run from.

There have been no capital ship slug fests which I’ve been looking forward to, possibly because the Northern Coalition has always managed to bring more numbers than they could possibly handle effectively. We’ve had consistent help from Wildly Inapropriate and Morsus Mihi and TCF have come allong a few times also.

This Sunday night I had the opportunity to scout – we had run out of covert ops ships and it didn’t look like we were going to get much of a fight so I jumped in my Buzzard instead of my usual Onyx.


Buzzard Covert Ops frigate in warp, yes, that’s a civilian miner fitted…. no, this is not a shot of the one I was using during the fleet.

Scouting for large fleets is something I have mixed feelings about – it’s an extremely vital role which requires the scout to always have good concentration and an awareness of the surrounding systems (ombey maps For The Win, print them out and have them in front of you.), but the job involves moments of intense boredom interspersed with moments of extreme adrenaline. This is the first time I’ve scouted for a non-roaming fleet. We were saving a reinforced Northern Coalition POS in X-7OMU, a system which I hate with a passion. It’s huge, has 3 NPC stations and we have a jump bridge system that allows us to avoid it for the most part, and so I have not spent the time setting up bookmarks on gates that all scouts should have. But for the majority of the night I was sitting at 200ish off the hostile POS, waiting for them to make a move (which they didn’t). fun times….

Hostile Pos with a boring battleship fleet sitting there doing nothing

At one point I was sent to stare at a gate for a while, and the FC thankfully had a separate scout channel so we could give him intel that wasn’t important enough to shout out on Teamspeak. There were a couple of times Pandemic Legion warped in a HAC and/or battleship fleet, but for the most part though, it was a very boring night. Even Maru Ka’ge were not up to their usual quality of smack talk. Perhaps 460 people in local was a bit intimidating even for them.

This war has certainly showed us that Pandemic Legion are not all that. Sure, they’ve got some good pilots, but they’ve got no serious hope of making a dent in the Northern coalition.

The non-pos bashing pew is certainly appreciated though 🙂 and major props to them for moving into hostile territory for the sake of a few good fights 😀

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