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The battle for 00TY-J… again

Tower Pew

All this past week Pandemic Legion have been pushing hard – reinforcing pos’s and generally makeing our life miserable. We’ve had some wins and they’ve had some wins. As it is with the Northern Coalition, not everyone comes to every fight. We’ve been getting quite a lot of help from Morsus Mihi, but TCF have their own problems down in southern cloud ring and Razor have been focusing on kicking Circle of Two out.

During a battle that seems like an Age ago which I talked about in my post previously (the one with the epic cap fleet screenshots) the northern coalition took out a Pandemic Legion POS sitting at an r64 moon. This was a good victory, and my corporation was entrusted with replacing PL’s tower with one of ours. As such, people in my corp have been extremely busy this last week, as that tower has come under daily fire from PL. POS gunners need to be in system when it’s attacked, haulers carrying fuel and strontium need to be moved arround and scouted in, people are needed to online modules, people to rep the modules that have been incapacitated. It’s a huge operation on any other day, made worse that it’s such a desired moon.


The week of POS defence

Early in the week the tower was hit again and it came out of reinforced late on Wednesday night. we had had a string of bad fights while trying to save other pos’s this week and mid-week numbers are quite down. so the FC told us to bring stealth bombers. Fleet chat was quite funny actually: “so we bringing carriers?” “stealth bombers”, “dreads?” “Stealth bombers” “long range battleships?” “stealth bombers!” “Hacs?” “no you fucktards, we’re flying stealth bombers!!!”

It really wasn’t a very screenshot worthy event and we honestly didn’t expect to save the pos – there was about 50 of us, with about 26 stealth bomber pilots actually able to use bombs (the requirement for missile bombardment V is dropping in dominion to IV so more people will be able to use bombs) We all just cloaked up at random angles about 400km off the POS and waited for PL to come in.

They did, one of our dictor pilots attempted to bubble them and the rest of us were fleet warped within 30km of the hostiles. we all dropped our load and warped off. It really wasn’t coordinated with any more precision than that. I learned a valuable lesson: When you’re all in the same ships, having a character name starting with “A” decreases your survivability greatly. If I ever get a second account, I’ll call my character ZZZY or something so I’m primaried last. I still got out though, battleships don’t lock frigate sized ships very quickly.

Perhaps if we had time we would have organised two waves of bombers rather than warping us all in at once, but meh – it worked! 3 bombers died, but we got two battleships! more importantly, from what the POS gunners said, we had put most of the hostile battleships into structure. They quickly decided that sometimes the best defence is a good get-the-hell-out-of-there. We had won the day!.

….Then they came back at 4am with dreads and reinforced the tower again. 😦

Round Two: Ding Ding!

We thankfully had people on then and were able to adjust the stront levels to make the tower come out at a more sensible hour. 19:45 friday night – perfect time for our euro timezone heavy Northern Coalition to put up a decent fight.

We got more organised this time, although it did take quite a while to get the fleet together. We coordinated the interdictors and heavy interdictors a little bit better than usual this time. We strongly suspected that Pandemic Legion would bring a titan or two so the FC requested 10 HICs and as many light interdctors as possible. Well, we ended up with 5 HIC’s including myself eventually, but for a while I had the squad to myself.

Turned out also that despite my relatively crappy bonus skills, at 3/2/3/2 I had the best bonuses of the hictor/dictors and so kept the squad leader position. I wouldn’t have minded a vulture or some other command ship in that position but hey, you take what you can get. The FC specifically wanted lots of dictors and arranged for a carrier to bring 16 additional fitted dictors.

We all gathered up on the titan and waited. Morsus Mihi, Razor and TCF also formed up on their respective titans and waited. our scout in pandemic legion’s staging system informed us that two of their titans were waiting in a pos. a fleet of evoke battleships moved into the target system, if they were bringing battleships, it only remained to be seen what PL would bring. would we have to swap out to capitals or was it going to be a battleship slugfest?

Then a large fleet of PL undocked in battleships and headed for their titans. a short time after, they bridged into 00TY-J putting the count in local to just under 300. after some scilence on Team Speak, our FC confirmed. “Pandemic Legion has committed to battleships – it’s on”.

Our Titan opened a jump bridge into the system and we jumped in. I was quite glad I was one of the first in-system because I got the awesome privelage of seeing the count in local jump from just under 300 to just under 700 in less than 10 seconds as our allies from MM, Razor and TCF all jumped in at the same time as us with fleets of 100+ battleships each.

Immediately the system was laggy – even turning around to get ourselves into the POS shields took an inordinate amount of time. Blue’s showed up as neutrals on the overview and some of us nearly shot our TCF bretheran. some people from our own alliance were refused entry to the pos shields even. it was a bit of a mess.

The rest of the night was a bit of a mess from Mostly Harmless’s side. the Heavy interdictors were ordered to stay safe a cloaked up ready for a hostile supercapital to come in while the light dictors did the dirty work, warping in, bubbling and getting the hell out of there without dying. of course some deaths could not be avoided.

The First actual battle of the night was a battleship slugfest – the FC gave us the name of the warp in and told the dictors to go first, then he said “all ships” and said he was going to do a fleet warp. I wasn’t sure what to do so uncloaked and took the fleet warp. this turned out to be a bad idea:

Battleship standoff

I had all effects turned off so you can’t see it but there would be missiles, guns and laser fire comming from both those fleets in this shot if I had. I was instantly targeted, and as I was actually right in the middle of the friendly fleet with the bad guys out of range I was more than useless. I got the hell out of there as fast as the lag would let me.

Then it became apparent that there had been a screw up. The character with the carrier full of spare interdictors was an alt of one of the POS gunners. As he was concentrating on the POS gunning job, he didn’t notice that his carrier had been fleet warped allong with the battleship fleet and by the time he did, it was far too late. To make matters worse, that character then disconnected. There were a tense few minutes as the pos gunner wasn’t reading our corp chat (which was being used for pos logistics coordination) and no one could tell us whether the carrier was still on the field or not. Someone confirmed that the carrier was on the field. When the battle was finally over PL held the field and the carrier was destroyed. So much for our replacement interdictors.

After that it was a couple of hours of the same – us waiting for PL to bring in their titans, skirmishes at PL’s pos in the system and at the reinforced one. Razor alliance had brought a 20 man stealth bomber team and was doing a fantastic job of harrassing the battleships. SoT had brought a HAC fleet to try to counter our support, but was also getting harrased by the bomber team and our support fleet. Props to the SoT HaC gang though who pulled some very nice grid-fu at one point to avoid being bombed.

About 2 hours into the fight, some neutrals popped into the system. They were from IT Alliance, which is the latest alliance with Kenzoku (Ex Band of Brothers alliance). We didn’t know what they were doing here or who’s side they were on. one person made the point that everyone in the Eve univers who bothered to look at the ships killed on the map knew something was happening – perhaps they had just come for a bit of pew. the Northern Coalition hates bob, Pandemic Legion hates them equally. but I was assured that if anything Bob hated PL more than us….. I hate 0.0 politics sometimes.

Eventually the NC won the day and we jumped in some triage carriers to rep the pos. Throuout the night, our scout sitting above PL’s staging pos reported 6 separate Titans going in and out – 3 avatars a ragnarok, erebus and leviathan.  we were convinced they would do something with them, but it didn’t eventuate.  I’m sure they will use them at some piont before dominion.


We got it past the required 50% shields and stronted it. it was safe for another day at least and the support fleet went home.


That’s it! I still had fun despite the fact I was sitting there cloaked chatting to the other HIC pilots for most of the night. and of course drinking my favorite whiskey.  Good fight all round.  I really should fly a battleship one of these days… still training for tech II large guns….

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