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Mr Pew Dies Horribly

So the NC had a big push this weekend to try to force evoke out of cloud ring.

so far it’s gone fairly well – lots of fighting – pandemic legion, sons of tangra, evoke, cry havoc, white noise and all the northern Coalition alliances joining in the fighting.

I brought Mr pew, my new megathron. I had previously thought that in a battleship slugfest I’d likely get primaried due to my name starting with A. well it certainly turned out to be true – I got about two shots off before being skmushed..

the night went a bit like this:

got blob?

blob warp


such is life – perhaps I’m better off as a Hic pilot or a scout.


Thankfully due to our absolutely awesome alliance battleship replacement program I’ll get a new one fully fitted and insured. Got to take advantage of the high-end moon goo while we still have it.


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