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Battle Report: Evoke Spanked Hard – Screenshot Extravaganza

Over the past weekend the Northern Coalition banded together to get rid of the evoke stain that had spread into lower Cloud Ring.

Evoke had taken sovereignty in a few systems while we were off dealing with Pandemic Legion

On Saturday night we didn’t have much luck, taking heavy losses in the initial few skirmishes with evoke fleets as Sons of Tangra and Pandemic Legion joined in for the pew also. I lost my brand new Megathron “Mr Pew” on the saturday night and was out of the fight for the rest of the day, however our luck didn’t improve. I’m told that later that night we Doomsday’d our own fleet – the hostile fleet warped out just as our fleet was bubbled and the DD went off.

Multi-alliance fleet burning to the gate (by starlight)

There was more fighting on sunday night and due to our absolutely awesome Alliance-level replacement program was in another fully fitted Megathron with zero out-lay on my part. This one still has the designation that it came with: “42.10” I like it, it’s clinical. I have another three-and-a-bit days to go until I can use tech II large rail guns so I went and bought some tech I ones and joined the fighting.


This time we took out a few Pos’s in the station systems of G8AD and 9-4 and disabled the station fittings in G8AD. I was told that earlier in the day we had managed to successfully doomsday an evoke battleship fleet. most of the evoke pods went to the station in G8AD, which we then proceeded to siege.


By the time I joined we were shooting the station fitting and cloning services to prevent their use by the evoke pilots inside. The undock point was permanently bubbled by a Heavy Interdictor. over the next few hours we attacked POS’s in G8AD and 9-4 as they came out of reinforced mode. In addition to the 150+ battleship fleet we had what looked to be a fleet of about 30-40 dreadnoughts helping us so they went down very quickly. the couple of times that I was targeted by the POS I didn’t even get into armour because the tower was destroyed so quickly.

Northern Coalition Capital Fleet Pew (by starlight)

While waiting for another few POS’s to come out of reinforced we camped the station, killing anything that undocked. This of course got very dull and someone had the brilliant idea to start a conga-line. It took nearly 20 mins for it to get properly sorted but in the end, the results were worth it.

My megathron near the front of the battleship Conga-line

I also made a post that night with more pictures that I won’t repost here (Click here to see them)

Poor broadsword pilot doesn’t get to join the conga line (by starlight)

That night I logged out at a pos in 9-4 and on monday night it was on again, once again killing station services and three POS’s. By Tuesday the Northern Coalition had forced Evoke out of XZH and G8AD.

Success! (by starli…no wait!)

The massive effort by pilots in Mostly Harmless, Tau Ceti Federation, Morsus Mihi, Magesta Empire and Defi4nt (oh, and yes I think we saw one Razor ship…I think) over the weekend was truly amazing. We Northern Monkeys Still fight together as one!

Disclaimer: Not A Screenshot and/or does not contain starlight

As one of our alliance members said on our forums: “Never have I been more proud to be related to a group of people that eat bugs out of each others fur and fling poop for fun.”

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    Nice screenshots mate!

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