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E-peen: I haz it

Oh no! what have I done?!? After constantly ridiculing people who buy T3 ships as having too much isk to spare, and having further ridiculed the ships themselves as nothing more than expensive e-peen… what do I do? I hear they have dropped below 500mil fully fitted and after a large glass of wine I go and buy myself one on an impulse…. what a complete tool.

Corp Chat:

Akura kawanaka > anyone fly a tengu?
AAAAA> I can fly a tengu
BBBBB > tengu is t3
Akura kawanaka > I realise – I’m looking at buying one
AAAAA > You can bassically solo plex in it fairly easily
BBBBB > you can do that in an Ishtar at a fraction the cost
AAAAA > yeah I know but you know everyone hasn’t got gallante trained up ect
Akura kawanaka > I want it for e-peen purposes
BBBBB > can’t argue with epeen 😛
Akura kawanaka > at least I acknowlege I’m doing it for that reason

Of course, I must now think of myself as far superior to all you tech II-flying Neanderthals. It certainly looks hella cool though:

Tengu Strategic E-Peen Cruiser by starlight

Of course, in order to transport it out to nullsec, I also made a bit of a more sensible purchase. Previously I had bought myself an Occator for the massive cargo hold, but in combat operations it is better to be flying a cloaky ship, and in order to support black Ops incursions I need to be flying a blockade runner, so I bought myself a Viator which has a not too shabby cargo hold of 10,279 with rigs and my skills, but the warping cloak is the main use.

Viator blockade runner undocking

Undocking from jita I was actually more fearful than I am in nullsec…. I seriously hate carrying anything of value through heavily populated areas but anyway…. on the way from jita to my home region of Pure blind I was actually targeted by a crusader, although because I was flying manually and cloaking immediately he didn’t achieve full lock. it was actually a relief to get to the friendly gate camp into the first 0.0 system.

With the tengu at the moment it’s a probing/remote repping/interdiction nullifying monstrosity but I’ll be turning it into a t3 command ship shortly. also at my stop in Jita I bought the Wing command skill and warfare link specialist so I should be able to fit a decent warfare link Tengu within a month or two.

anyway – more pictures:





  1. baa
    November 16, 2009 at 13:14

    It does look nice. Maybe I’ll have to look into my training plane and adjust it a little.

  2. December 3, 2009 at 06:10

    Congrats to you Mr. Monkey 🙂

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