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Group Identity

For those of you who have fought against a Mostly Harmless alliance fleet of some sort and lost, you will know that we have a habit of filling local chat up by having everyone in the fleet type “ook”. The story behind this is as follows: When Mostly Harmless went to help rid the universe of the Band of Brothers, Sir Molle, leader of BoB said in local:

“Hello northern monkeys, this is your god speaking”.

to which we all replied


This was unfortunately before my time in MH, but since assisting in successfully driving out BoB, the alliance has taken the theme up and now identifies itself as northern monkeys. This is why I’ve named myself evemonkey and this is why, after every successful battle we ook in local.

This whole monkey theme, combined with the existing hitch-hiker’s guide to the galaxy theme (our alliance ticker is “-42-“) gives us a keen sense of identity which I think is extremely important if not crucial in keeping the game fun and helps us not take everything too seriously.

An example propaganda poster summarising our fight against Pandemic Legion over the past month. Ook!

And so, I can really understand how alliances like CVA and UK can inspire loyalty in their members, with a strong group identity. If I were a psychologist I would write something here about maslo’s hierachy of needs or some such thing and eloquently spell out how all this is just an extension of human nature, but all I can say is, it works.

Disclaimer: This post is not a stealth-subliminal recruitment advertisement for Mostly Harmless Alliance, the most Froody alliance in the entire EvE universe.

also disclaimer: this article was posted automatically while I’m off in RL visiting the land of Tau Ceti Federation

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