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Northern Coalition Pwns a Stargate

It may take a lot to wake it from its slumber, but once its war machine has been activated the Northern Coalition is a giant lumbering mass of pain and hurt to those who oppose it. Drawing on the wealth of seven nullsec regions, the sheer quantity of hardware commanded is phenominal. The NC Fleet truly is a mighty thing to behold, awe-inspiring in its fury and sheer brute strength

Or, at least it would be…. if you could log into the system to see it.


The Operation had been scheduled for quite a while. The Anti-Northern Coalition Coalition headed by Triumverate Alliance had penetrated deep into The Council Alliance’s space and had reinforced an Infrastructure hub in JC-YX8. The Northern Coalition High Commission made the decision that we would defend the council’s space. This was going to be a massive operation and an even more massive fight as Triumverate was expected to bring heavy numbers to deal with the NC’s fleet.


As usual, Mostly Harmless formed up on our trusty Titan (who hasn’t been seen doomsdaying blue fleets since dominion) and prepared to enter the fray. Triumverate and allies were already in the target system of JC- locking it down. We were on the back foot but we had superior numbers.


Once again – I have to say – the Fleet interface is very good – forming up an inter-alliance fleet is very easy now. it used to be that if you were not in the same alliance as the boss you’d have to be manually invited by squad leaders. But now you can just join the fleet based on standings.

Also, the fleet composition eliminates the “everyone who’s in a battleship x up so we can get an idea of numbers”:

After a 30 minute wait while the alliance leaders coordinated with the rest of the NC, we cynoed into a system 4 jumps away from the target and went gate-by-gate to EL8-4Q and waited for the rest of the NC to arrive.


We warped to the JC- Stargate at 100 and locked it down with our support fleet and a smeg-load of bubbles. Local grew to 300+, mostly blue


Then within 10 minutes the rest of the NC arrived in long range battleship fleets and warped into 200km+ sniping positions around the gate, bringing the local count to a maximum of 763 (a personal record). Since dominon, most of our battleship fittings have been ultra-long-range sniper glass-cannons. MH for instance mandate that each battleship pilot carries frentix boosters (they increase weapon optimal range) in our cargo holds so we can easily engage at 200km and above and have no reduction in damage. This range has the added advantage of being far enough away that we can warp to the target if need be.

The 700 pilot Northern Coalition Grid of death surrounding the JC- gate.


Owing to the fact that our people in the JC- system said there were 600+ in local there, we hung back deciding what to do. CCP had reinforced JC-, but not any surrounding systems, and despite their reinforcing the critical hub, we knew that there was no way we could jump in 700+ battleships into a system with one gate and not have it be a complete turkey shoot for the other side as we loaded the system.

It was with regret that the operation was called off. The new Dominion warfare tactic in the north: Get 600+ in system before the opposing fleet can, and they won’t be able to jump in. we should have gotten in there first and locked it down hours before, but we didn’t.

Instead, in their infinite wisdom, the fleet commanders fleet warped every single ship to the same gate so we could jump home.

The mangled mess you see below is the result. There’s a stargate in there somewhere, I’m sure of it:

Followed shortly by everyone hitting the jump button at the same time:


[ 2009.12.13 21:20:30 ] (notify) Session change already in progress.
[ 2009.12.13 21:20:30 ] (notify) Session change already in progress.
[ 2009.12.13 21:20:30 ] (notify) Session change already in progress.
[ 2009.12.13 21:20:30 ] (notify) Session change already in progress.
[ 2009.12.13 21:20:30 ] (notify) Session change already in progress.
[ 2009.12.13 21:20:31 ] (notify) Session change already in progress.
[ 2009.12.13 21:20:31 ] (notify) Session change already in progress.

Followed shortly by 700 eve clients exploding and the EL8- system going down completely.

[ 2009.12.13 21:26:30 ] (info) Your character is located within EL8-4Q, which is currently loading. Please try again in a moment.

When we finally logged on – we found all of eve were receiving traffic advisories. some in completely different regions of space – it must be they put solar systems on opposite sides of the galaxy on the same server node for efficiency..

[ 2009.12.13 21:30:44 ] (notify) Traffic Advisory: Officials have closed the stargates and undocking ramps due to heavy congestion (in the 3V8-LJ system in the G8-D09 constellation). Travellers are advised to seek alternate routes.

Yes! We totally pwned that server! yeah we rock!.

Anyway, so I said that I’d get you some battle reports, but unfortunately, that’s going to have to wait until we actually have a battle.

note: I had turned my graphics settings way down to avoid as much lag as possible so you may find if you click on those shots they aren’t as high quality as they could have been.

  1. December 15, 2009 at 09:32

    Haha, that BS gang on the gate pic was hilarious!

    Being a lowsec pirate, you hear of these massive fleet battles, and aye sure it would be nice to see the mighty fleet of 600 BS´s engage another, but in reality I am guessing it is not..
    session change in progres……… 🙂

  2. December 18, 2009 at 17:17

    It looks like the battleships are chasing the Blues Brothers.

    It’s an excellent image.

  3. December 21, 2009 at 13:19

    Enjoying your blog, and sharing it with everybody.
    I love the pictures, and the style of writing!

    Its been a week now since last post! Update update update!! UPDATEEEE!

  4. evemonkey
    December 21, 2009 at 15:24

    has it really been a week! damn….. it’s been a bit hectic both in real life and in eve. I promise I’ll post something within 24 hrs. 🙂

  5. January 2, 2010 at 10:53

    Sorry for writing off topic but which WP theme do you use? It’s looking interesting!

    • evemonkey
      January 2, 2010 at 13:46

      It’s the iNove Theme – I like it – it’s minimalist.

  1. February 10, 2010 at 01:21

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