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Mostly Harmless Home System fighting

It was pointed out to me in the comments of my previous blog post that I haven’t posted in a week! Normally I have a backlog of things to say and screenshots to post, but not this time.

Over the past week it’s been fairly hectic in real life – Christmas parties, friends over for dinner etc. and time in eve has been severely limited.

News from the North is that Triumverate, White Noise, circle of two, the Initiative and Evoke have managed to take the station system in pure blind that used to be owned by The Council. As my previous post indicated, they simply had the numbers in the system before we could get there.

Now they have turned their attention to Mostly Harmless’s staging system of P-2TTL and over this past week have reinforced and destroyed the infrastructure hub, reinforced every pos we had operating in the system and reinforced the station itself.


All the the Northern Coalition alliances are now in full CTA mode and the station was saved. We are now affectionatly calling ourselves Voltron.

My first significant time online since the last post was Monday night where the majority of the time was spent sitting in my Megathron (now named Mr Pewalot due to his t2 rails) listening to intel updates on the superior numbered red-fleet and taking nice screenshots of passing fleet members:


It’s interesting to note that the exploit whereby infrastructure hubs can be attacked when there are an inadequate number of sovereignty blockers in the system is still there at this time. The hostiles started shooting the infrastructure hub in p-2 without dropping any blockers on any of the gates.

heard on teamspeak:

“they’re forgetting to pretend it’s invulnerable”
“hmm – petition them”

Triumverate have been known to use exploits and low tactics in the past. we’ve had to get used to setting our ships to keep the pos towers at range rather than sitting within the shields due to Tri spies knowing the forcefield password and warping in, bumping our ships out of the pos. It’s things like this that make me have absolutely no respect for these guys. Pandemic Legion? absolutely – very fun to fight against, gracious in both victory and defeat. Evoke? also the same – persistant bastards but always respectful and fun to fight. Triumverate? assholes, masters of local smack talk second only to Maru Ka’ge, will use any and every advantage they can get including exploits and things that rest in the grey area such as meta-gaming.

Sorry – that’s the end of my rant.

My first view of a leviathan

On this occasion we were outnumbered about 2:1 but we harassed them throughout the night, mostly with us in bombers, but with the threat of our battleship fleet not far behind it. Our titan carried about 10-15 fitted bombers in its ship maintenance bay and some of us were able to swap out to bombers and got quite a good lot of kills in one go. unfortunately there were no manticores by the time I arrived at the titan and didn’t get on any of those kills :-(. killboard link here: http://kb.eve-42.com/?a=kill_related&kll_id=113997

The situation in this system is particularly delicate – there are only 5 moons. we control 3 of them, they control 2. they are gradually killing and replacing our towers and if it turns out that we have no safe pos’s left, there will be no way we can effectively hold this system.

Dark Blood Faction POS’s look mean

I’ll keep you updated as best I can, but I’m also going away to Scotland for Christmas, so I can’t guarantee anything 🙂 I have tomorrow off work however and I’ll still be fighting into the wee hours of the morning, just won’t be coherent enough to post.

edit: actually, about 45 mins after I posted this we got into a very poorly executed battleship slugfest… and once again I was primaried pretty quickly….

anyway – here’s our post-dominion sniping fleet megathrons: http://kb.eve-42.com/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=114153

Yes, what you see there is my ship going down in flames with two navy megathrons in the background.


  1. December 22, 2009 at 10:19

    Ooh, nice shot of a Damnation in flight. That’s some keen pandering to your readership!

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  2. February 19, 2010 at 18:55

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