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High-sec is not for the faint hearted.

I have to admit it, I’m slightly bored.

It’s only been a week since I wrote my previous post saying the massive bitch-fight between the NC and Tri-co was getting to me and I couldn’t commit enough time to be useful to my corporation in the defensive operations… and I’m sick of high sec.

Two sad things have happened since my move:

Before I joined my alt’s corp I had a bit of a foray into lowsec, where I used to hang out, in my Dramiel. It’s fun trolling the pirates: burning along at 6.5km/s, watching the probes go out, seeing them warp in, but being 100km+ away by the time they get there. Teehee – ok, that got old after the 4th or 5th time. So for fun, I shot my alt. I got a global timer, telling me that I was a criminal yay – ok I’ll just avoid stations and gates for 15 minutes – that’s easy enough, warp to a safespot and cloak up.

The timer expired and I jumped back into highsec… and get a message saying I’m a criminal, and another 15 minute timer popped up… wtf? Ok – I’ll just avoid gates and stations for 15 minutes – that’s easy enough – warp to a safespot and cloak up. Went to make a cup of tea and came back to see my pod floating next to my dramiel wreck….. I never knew that the police actually came to find you. I knew concord did but not the boring old faction police: WTB – magic faction police scan probes that can find cloaked ships in safespots.

I wanted to fly my tengu. I looked at it, made a huge leap of logic and decided that because I was in highsec empire I didn’t need an interdiction nullifier, swapped out to some intercalaced nanofiber propulsion doosywatsit, and scanned down a plex in Lustrevik system. I warped there and wanted to see how my 0.0 buffer tank would fare against the rats. It didn’t do too well. I hit the warp button and nothing happened. Oh… that’s right – npc’s can warp scramble, wish I had a drone bay, wish I didn’t have all my highslots filled with utility modules, cloak, probe launcher, cyno gen…. boom went my 400 million isk E-peen….

…and I’m bored of doing high-sec missions.

Don’t get me wrong – they’re rewarding, both monetarily but also in the “yay, I killed a rat, only 10 more and the agent will like me slightly better” type of way that other MMORPG’s achieve by levelling up.

It’s not how I remember doing missions. I remember flying my raven with t1 modules and t1 drones and having an adrenalin rush as I frantically hurried to kill the warp scrambling frigates so I could get out and let my shields regen and get back before the wrecks disappeared after their 2hr limit.

But it’s been well over a year since I last did an actual mission and my skills have improved significantly (even including cross training from caldari to galente). Advanced weapons upgrades V and Galente battleship V mean that I can fit the ships pretty much however I want and get the maximum battleship bonuses, Large hybrid specialisation at IV means that my guns rip through npc battleships, and galente drone specialisation IV mean my T2 medium drones kill frigates and cruisers before I can even lock them. Armour skills, trained to a high level by mandate of Mostly Harmless alliance’s battleship replacement program, is such that my armour rarely goes below 80%, and that’s only when I go afk to make a cup of tea and read a good book while my drones lay waste to everything on the grid.

Eve online: PVE you can play while reading a good book.

All of this, and the thing that has convinced me most that I need to get out of high-sec and back into the pvp that I love is that over this entire week, my best screenshot is a flying secure can with wings, shooting rocks:


It’s time to leave the carebear zone I’m afraid. It’s far too expensive and dangerous for my tastes. At least, in nullsec you aren’t living in constant fear of being killed while afk cloaked in a safe spot…

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