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The battle for D-GTMI

This has been reported elsewhere and is perhaps overshadowed by the news that NOL has been taken from the goons in the heart of Delve but here is the story of last night.

I had finished hauling a large amount of my ships down to the high-security systems just outside providence/catch last night when I decided that a whiskey-fuelled roam through nullsec would be just the ticket to celebrate. I knew in the back of my mind that I’d likely lose the ship but I didn’t care.

Turns out I didn’t though. Initially I thought I’d have one more roam through providence while I’m still not red to the residents there, but I got sidetracked.

I fitted out my tengu with an interdiction nullifier, covert configuration, warp core stabilizers and nanofiber internal structures. this is as hard to catch as any ship you’re going to get and it paid off. There was a heavily populated gate-camp by Against All Authorities (-A-) on the gate from empire but I blew past them. A few systems in and I went through another large camp with permanent bubbles anchored. it took me a while to realise that I had stumbled on a major battle between -A- and allies vs the providence holders.

I thought I’d hang around to see the show despite being neutral to both parties. I had my graphics turned right down due to the nearly 900 people in system so sorry for the quality of the shots.

Current location: D-GTMI
Sovereignty > Paxton Federation (Vulnerable)
Constellation > 4BZ-R3
Region > Providence
Security Level > 0.0


Immediately after entering the system, an old corp mate of mine from a year ago convoed me. Turns out he had been in Systematic Chaos for 6 months or so and was fighting on the side of -A-. It was good hearing his side as it went along.

First of all, it was my duty to take a screenshot of a Sovereignty Blockade Unit which I had never actually seen up close before, having always had something more important to be doing, like shooting the bad guys. Now I wasn’t allied to anyone and had warp disruption bubble immunity so I had the freedom to move around the battlefield:

Sovereignty Blockade unit and two anchored bubbles at a gate

Next stop was my very first deep safe. Both sides jumped in capitals at a deep safespot, which, although I’ve not used these much, give time for whoever is jumping in to get their ships out before anyone can possibly warp to the cyno beacon.

Deep safespots 253au away from the station. the safespot bookmarks you see there are 14 AU apart.

It was actually quite funny at one stage. The first cyno I warped to was lit by an -A- blackbird. after hanging around for a while about 10 or so severence stealth bombers turned up. I thought they’d target paint the blackbird and shoot it with torpedos or something. but no… they launched bombs…. I counted 9 bombs (at 1mil or soeach) before the blackbird died. talk about cost efficiency…….*rolls eyes*. They left and the cyno pilot was dead so I scooped the loot: some t2 ecm modules, t2 10mn mwd etc. not bad for all the not fighting I did to get it.

At this point I was told by my mate that they were “titan bowling” where they warp titans into a hostile pos, hoping to knock out any ships inside….. then they blew up the pos as you’ll see in a screenshot at the end of this post.

Next was a trip to see the aggressor’s capital staging POS. Here was a fairly largeish fleet of both -A- and UNITY (Ushra’Khan) capital ships that seemed to be slightly smaller than the Northern Coalition brought a while back vs PL but not less impressive by any means:

Capital ships in a POS.

Shortly, their non-capital fleet warped to the station. I thought I’d be smart and warp to the station from the opposite direction of the POS, but it turned out to be a bad Idea. I warped to an asteroid belt first, then back to the station at 100, only to land about 10km from the bulk of their fleet. luckily I didn’t become decloaked, but it was hairy there for a few minutes.

-A- and UNITY sieging the station

Then they warped in the big guns….

capital ships land at the station

In case you missed it, that’s eleven (11) titans on the field according to my directional scanner, five avatars and two each of the other titans.

This image: pretty much sums up the fight

  1. Ninjaboy837
    February 24, 2010 at 03:05

    That would have been sweet to see

  1. February 16, 2010 at 20:56

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