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Evemonkey has left the building

March 20, 2010 14 comments

I’m not one for long speaches, but the TL;DNR is Evemonkey is quitting the game. No, you cannot have my stuff. Yes I may be back sometime in the future.

I’m moving back to australia and I don’t fancy having the daily downtime right in the middle of my peak playing time.

Looking forward to Guild Wars Two and CCP/White Wolf’s World Of Darkness but until then I think I’ll have to stick with shooting zombies ūüôā

Thank you to all the corporations and people that I’ve interacted with. May the coming war between the Northern Coalition and the rest of eve, (scheduled to kick off in early April) inspire many good blogs.

I still have 8 days left on my subscription so I’ll be keeping my skills updated but for now…this is Evemonkey signing out.


Gallente Supercapitals

March 13, 2010 Leave a comment

Hi all – I’ve been sick/doing RL stuff so no informative battlereport this weekend – I hereby present you with a funky screenshot:

Gallente Supercapitals over a deserted moon

Political Update

March 6, 2010 7 comments

The result of the last fight that I spoke about <a href=”“>here</a> ¬†the system was taken and given to Sys-K. ¬†it turned out that it was just an over-eager sys-k member thinking that the station had been killed before it actually had who removed the SBU’s before their time.

Thankfully CCP has changed the sov mechanics so that the defending force would have had to repair the station to a certain level in order to trigger the restart of the station timer cycle. ¬†Since we maintained superiority in the system after downtime, CVA were not able to repair the station and it was merely ¬†a matter of waiting the three hours for our SBU’s to online again, after which, the station was taken without a hitch and the TCU was destroyed. ¬†Later that night Sys-K’s TCU came online and the system takeover was complete.


The Against All Authorities Alliance leader posted a very informative post on our forums about the current political situation. ¬†I have to say, I really really appreciate it when alliance leader or High-Council representatives keep the grunts like us informed of long term strategies and goings on that we aren’t normally privy to.

Here are the TL;DNR points in bold and my comments:

Providence:  Remove the threat install content for us and replant the rain-forest.

This has been interesting – We liked Providence the way it was – it provided a good training ground for new pilots and some good pew for the others. ¬†We liked the fact that there were so many targets there but we couldn’t stand by and let threats to our sovereignty stand and hence CVA had to be removed.

Stainwagon: ¬†Big mess over misunderstandings …. AAA is keeping a close eye and trying to make sound judgment before decision.

(Apparently there was a bit of a fuss over the stain empire etc resetting a number of alliances in the area including IT alliance.  a hesitant peace has been brokered).

Northern Coalition: What to do about the threat they pose?  the Jury is still out.

The next biggest threat is now the Northern Coalition.  This interests me greatly as once again, the Eve universe has polarised into two massive groups, the Northern Coalition + goonswarm and the Southern Coalition + IT Alliance.

The Southern Coalition headed by AAA, Atlas, Systematic Chaos and IT alliance are less tight-nit, preferring to be individual alliances with the chances of good fights between all.

The Northern Coalition however is a very different story. Having spent the majority of my nullsec career in the NC I know they are Extremely tight-nit, with each alliance readily deploying their forces to aid any of the others that come under sustained attack.  and they intend to remain this way indefinately.

AAA sees the NC as the biggest threat to their existance in eve currently. ¬†I dissagree however. ¬†In my experience the NC has been a purely defensive arrangement with only the occasional poke into the south. ¬†The New sovereignty mechanics have made it very difficult to engage in a sustained campaign away from home, effectively preventing the “AFK empires” that existed pre-dominion. ¬†If alliances cannot muster their forces in time, a station system is only 5 days away from being taken over – far less than was possible in the old system, where so long as the system was not tightly locked down with the attacking forces had to be ever vigilent against new Pos’s being erected.

However, with the possibility of one half of eve uprooting and attacking the other half in a coordinated manner, the risk is minimised that each individual alliance will be vulnerable to a concerted counter-attack.

IMHO, the NC deserves to win any fight – they’ve proven to be the most solid and long-lasting coalition of alliances in the history of Eve and the recent attacks on their sovereignty in Fade and Pure Blind ¬†have only strengthened their ties. ¬†Triumverate, by no means an incompetent alliance has been broken on the bullwark the Northern Coalition presents time and time again.

The difference between the threat that The NC presents now and the threat that the Greater Bob Community presented last year which turned the rest of Eve against them is that the NC is not expantionist in any serious way, whereas BoB openly was.

Only time will tell, but at the moment, as it has been for the past year or so, Branch is possibly the most stable region in the entire universe.   and to take it, any opposing force will have to wade through nearly 15,000 pilots.  not something any coalition will want to do without very strong inter-alliance ties and the ever present threat of ex-providence holders re-taking their space in the south.

Renovating Providence

March 4, 2010 10 comments

I was able to participate in my first CTA for about one and a half weeks today – a lot has happened since my last decent battle report.

The long story short is that Providence region is being divided up into small little pieces by Atlas, Against All Authorities, Systematic Chaos and Ushra’Khan. Sylph alliance has completely gone from the influence map and it won’t be long before CVA disappears entirely also.

Sir Pewalot on an Erebus, waiting for a jump bridge

Today’s CTA was called in order to complete the take over of R3-K7K just before downtime. It was planned that Systematic Chaos were going to have this system, but -A- and U’K had brought a fleet to assist.

I had the pleasure of flying with my corp mate and long-time blogger Wensley of Rifter Drifter in the tempest here

The first part of the operation went smoothly – we had to take two titan bridges to get from our home system of GE- into the target system of R3-K7K. The middle system was 9UY – the Ushra’Khan-owned station system that fell a couple of weeks back.

Using only carriers/supercarriers and sub-capitals, we jumped into the target system on top of a small battlecruiser-heavy gate-camp which sensibly bugged out as fast as they could. We then warped to a POS and jumped our small dread fleet in.

carrier fleet aligning to POS

Next it was the station – We warped everyone to the station and started pew pewing it. I knew that we would likely be doing this so beforehand I contacted my mate at CCP and got them to refit my Megathron with Special GM lasers as you can see in the shot below. This meant the station dropped far more quickly than it would have otherwise.

Super-mega-ultra-pew-pew railguns

As you can see here: Wensley was a bit slack and didn’t call in any CCP favours and his weapons are somewhat lacking ūüôā


Note the station name: “Science and Slave Augmentation Facility”. This is honourable work we are doing here, removing the slaver blight once and for all.

Nevertheless – there cannot be a battle in providence without some kind of drama. In all this time, despite the fact that Systematic Chaos were going to be given the system, there were no Sys-K pilots in our fleet, nor in local until just before the station was about to die (about half structure). Then a couple popped in and unanchored their Sovereignty Blockade Units, rendering the station invulnerable and preventing the system take-over just before down time.

I don’t yet know the fallout from this, hopefully it is not a prelude to war between -A- and Sys-K. I don’t think so because they’re involved in their own war at the moment apparently and they probably just didn’t want the system to be theirs anyway, but they went about it the entirely wrong way.

Now, after downtime, we’ll have to anchor our own SBU’s and wait for three hours while they anchor and online, then siege the station again – another five days of sieging……. bah. such is life in 0.0.

Also: Hi everyone reading this via Capsuleer! *waves* It feels good to be part of the blog pack! I’d appreciate some feedback: I base my blog very heavily on screenshots. is it easier to read the blog with full shots like above, or with clickable thumbnails like this: