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Reminiscent musings

So where have I been this past year?

Some of it was spent planning to leave the UK (during which time I got quite addicted to Left 4 Dead 2.
Some of it was spent living at my parents house due to us not having a house or job
Some of it was spent looking for a new job
Some of it was spent rescuing all my brother’s worldly posessions from the Queensland floods (Australia)
Some of it was spent buying a new house

Now I am finally settled and am almost back to normal. I’ve been able to spend a bit of time reflecting on how games have influenced my life and so I put together a list of games that I have played over the years, for posterity’s sake

I had a commodore 64, I played pac-man and it got me hooked.
I wrote my first computer game (copied the code out of a book) and modified it when I was 6 years old.

I played Golden Axe – two player with my brother! I liked the dwarf!

I played Commander Keen and memorised Standard Galactic Alphabet, to this day, I still use it to write private notes to myself.

I went to high-school and discovered network Doom and was amazed by my friend’s massive 3gb hard drive!

I played Dune II on my brother’s 486, absolutely loving real time strategy and the cutting edge graphics!

I played a mud for a bit, got bored, made a fool of myself and got myself killed by another player because I was being an ass.

I played Warcraft II, connecting to my friend’s PC’s via direct dial into their modems.

I played Diablo the same way when that came out.

I played Starcraft when that came out – this time with the new fandangled battle.net

I played quake with my friends at an internet cafe because we were to poor to afford computers powerful enough to play it

…time passed, I got a job and got married.

I played Half life 2 when it came out – I pre-ordered it and absolutely loved the fact that because it came out BEFORE christmas, the games were actually civil and fun. After christmas all the little kids that had it bought for them came online and made it less fun. I could still hold my own for a few months but then the whole not being able to practice 12 hrs a day due to having to go to work to earn money, started to have an effect.

I don’t know if anyone reading this will remember, but we used to be able to turn ourselves into headcrabs and the combine camera things due to a bug, but those of us who did this had the decency to only use the crowbar against the players who didn’t… ahh, those were the day.

It was around this time I started taking screenshots:


It was around this time my friends and I started having regular lan parties – Counter strike was the order of the day, as was Unreal tournament.

Then, we all discovered WoW.

I remember Vanila WoW, back in early 2005:

The rush of hijacking a horde zeplin

The rush of discovering Molten Core for the first time

attacking onyxia for the first time

… and getting pwned in the face

… and kicked into the whelps

The guild going crazy over our first mag kill

our first attempt at Razagore

and insulting Nef to his face

About this time I started a Gmt+10 guild on Bronzebeard with some good friends:

at the time, there were no oceanic servers so we all got together for late night pwnage, they were good times.

Not so good for my relationship with my wife, and so around about mid-2006 I quit WoW and started playing Guild wars, and for the first time played a female character. I didn’t have the same attachment to my Guild Wars character as I did to my WoW character, it was a game I played, not an extension of myself.

from baby necromancer

to ruler of weeping stone

to beach babe

I loved this character quite a lot though – so much that I paid quite a bit of in-game cash to get a drawing done of her:

the original

The Drawing

After a year of this, I started Eve online, and the rest of that story is documented in this blog.

I’ve also played L4D2 and Dragon age in that time.

Now, I’m back playing WoW, but I can’t bring myself to say anything about it. last time I played was patch 1.9. just before the first major Mage overhaul. I have to say…. Things are EXTREMELY easy compared to back then. UBRS used to require the coordination of 10 people and you had to fight well. now…. Ironforge is deserted, players complain when there is a slightest bit of difficulty in a dungeon. Players are leveling without knowing the things that us original players took for granted… Just the other day I healed a druid who thought he could tank BRD in feral spec WEARING CLOTH. *sigh* these young-uns get it too easy.

The only reason I keep playing is because of my friends still playing. I can’t bring myself to raid, but I did buy myself one of those ragnaros companions… I spent a good portion of my life trying to take him out, now he’s my bitch!

Ahh well, I hope that there will be many many more hours of gaming still to come.

Evemonkey out.

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