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Is it just me or is the Russian language version of the inferno trailer far more epic than the English version?

make it full screen, turn up the sound and don’t watch the subtitles…..

I have no idea what he’s saying but it sounds AWESOME

Anyway, it made me a little nostalgic of my time in -A- where half the fleet orders were in Russian. It’s been two years so I can’t remember how to count in Russian anymore, but I do remember one FC saying “Dasvidanya Asshole” as we burned providence…. ahh, the memories.

Here’s a vid I found just btw of a -A- fleet – if you can ignore the music you can get an idea of what it’s like in a multi-lingual alliance. youtube link. This would have looked so good with the missile changes that are in place now.

On another note – I got slightly drunk and bought myself a redundant manticore just to see the new design:



I had a thought that I should join Red Vs Blue and get some FCing experience in. I even went so far as to haul a bunch of stuff to their home systems. When I got there however, everyone was playing station games….. That’s not something I’m interested in. I’ll just have to get some experience doing it for real in nullsec.

I promise you, there will be epic battle reports like you are used to just as soon as I get an epic battle or two. 🙂


Thorax By Starlight

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“Strip away their shields
Caress their armor with fire
Penetrate their hull” – Akura Kawanaka

Space Dild… Thorax cruiser by Starlight

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Roam through providence

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And so as I mentioned I was going to do in my last post, I took my trusty Onyx and had a bit of a trip through Providence.

My Onyx Heavy Interdictor…. it doesn’t look good from any angle

This being the first time I have jumped into 0.0 space since I left the game two years ago, I was overly cautious. I had my alt scout and basically took my time to go through. My friend followed in his trusty rifter and we spent a bit of time going over the basics of nullsec survival. We made bookmarks near the gates, we had a bubble demonstration and eventually made our way to 9uy. Last time I was here I had the pleasure of bubbling the station for pew pew. This time I bubbled it for the lols


I was a bit disappointed however, there were only 5 in system, no hostiles. Still, it freaked me out a bit. In High sec you can be fairly safe assuming you’re not carrying anything of great value and there are no war decs against your corp. in nullsec with a proper alliance you can be certain of your safety if local contains only blues, but in Providence, despite the NRDS intention, you can’t tell who is going to kill you.

We met some nice proviholders from Sanctury Pact, and I remembered that seeing an onyx on screen is probably not the most peaceful ship you’d want to see. If it was me, I would assume that if I saw a lone HIC coming towards me, there would be a medium to large fleet of HAC’s or battle cruisers arriving shortly thereafter.

So I made my intentions clear in local (emiko is my alt):

[ 2012.05.16 12:08:13 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : XHQ-7V
[ 2012.05.16 12:08:37 ] Marites Camates > Konbanwa
[ 2012.05.16 12:08:56 ] Marites Camates > ogenki desu ka
[ 2012.05.16 12:09:10 ] Akura Kawanaka > nihongo o wakarimasen
[ 2012.05.16 12:09:23 ] Marites Camates > skosh
[ 2012.05.16 12:09:31 ] Akura Kawanaka > watashi mo
[ 2012.05.16 12:09:44 ] Marites Camates > Amirican living in Yokosuka
[ 2012.05.16 12:09:58 ] Akura Kawanaka > Australian pretending to be japanese living in australia 🙂
[ 2012.05.16 12:10:04 ] Marites Camates > haha
[ 2012.05.16 12:10:11 ] Marites Camates > Okage sama de
[ 2012.05.16 12:11:00 ] Emiko Kasono > we’re peaceful btw – just sight seeing, despit the fact Akura is in an onyx
[ 2012.05.16 12:11:26 ] Marites Camates > rgr, we are drinking, couldnt fight ..cant see
[ 2012.05.16 12:11:42 ] Significant other > dam coffee

These guys were sitting on one of the gates in a cane and a cruiser that I don’t remember. Unfortunately, when we were on the way out we noticed a 8-10 man gang from “Forceful Entry” alliance (never a good sign) and noticed a BC wreck on one of the gates – looks like our friend was smooshed.

On another note – on that killmail was a corporation called Centrelink Australia (this is sort of the Aussie equivalent of Social Security) I thought that was pretty funny.

So I also spoke to the recruiters at ANZAC Alliance. It turns out that my corporation name backfired and Rooman thought that I am an Alt. I’m certain I can convince them otherwise however.

I’m looking forward to a bit of alliance pew pew. According to The Ancient Gaming Noob I will be entering the north again (ANZAC is in Executive Outcomes alliance) just after a major conflict. which is probably good, it will give me a chance to settle in before the next round begins. I was never a fan of cloud ring though – as it connects with NPC held Syndicate, it was too easy to attack. the system is large and there are only a few bottleneck systems that we could defend easily. still, we had some of our

EVE Resume

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In preparation for maybe joining up with a nullsec alliance, I was gathering together a bit of a history of what I’ve done in EVE. Generally in my experience there are varying requirements for joining a nullsec corporation. These vary on the maturity, size and attitude of the corporation. For example, a corporation that is new to nullsec may be happy to accept new members so long as those members are willing to contribute in some way.

on that note, I’d like to give a shout out to Jacabon Mere who commented on my last post – he’s a CEO of a smallish Aussie-timezone corporation that is now in the very northern reaches of nullsec as part of CONVICTED alliance. (useless fact of the day, I have a jump clone still in one of the stations up there). now his corporation are small and the requirements are low. This is necessary to build the corporation, and with proper leadership this corp may be well respected in the nullsec world.

Then the next level up are the established nullsec corporations, to whom an influx of inexperienced pilots would be detrimental. These corporations generally have a minimum skillpoint requirement and request an interview over voice chat prior to joining.

Further up the chain are the corporations which are super hard-core. I would place the Dark Knights of Daneb (my last nullsec corporation) in this boat. If I remember correctly we had to maintain 30 killmails per month to stay in the corporation (not really a hard thing to maintain due to the war we were having with the providence block at the time). These guys wanted to see references to previous killboards and evidence that I was serious about and experienced in PvP.

These corporation levels (for want of a better word) are not “better” than one-another, it is all dependant on the culture of the corp and the play style that you’re after. In any case, I was looking back at some of my old posts and I’ve found that quite a few of the links to corporation or alliance killboards have gone dead. I have a screenshot of my Mostly Harmless killboard summary from just prior to the Dominion patch here: pre-dominion-kill-summary. but other than that, all killboard websites seemed to have vanished.

And so, I must resort to using battleclinic or This is me here:
eve-kill pilot summary

Now, I’m certain that this is not all the kills/losses I’ve had. This is only the kills that other people have posted (via their api key) to the website. What I would really love is for Eve to be able to show all the killmails that you have been on. That way I would be able to see every fight I have contributed to in some way. Unfortunately, the only thing that CCP allow us to have is mails when we land a final blow and when we die ourselves.

I have also been thinking. It is fairly important to keep your corporation history clean. This is one of the reasons I chose to name my corporation “0.0 veterans rest and relaxation corp”. If it was called something else or if I had joined a different corp it would have been one extra thing to explain to a recruiter next time I wanted in on nullsec.

On another note – My buddy and I took a bit of a roam through lowsec, just to get our feet wet. This was the result. I expected as much and we didn’t take anything I couldn’t afford to lose, but I was still annoyed I lost my pod as well, they had an onyx there that must have had a sensor booster or two. Still, I got a bit flustered in between telling my mate to warp out in fleet chat and trying to remember what things to click to get my pod out. It was a stupid mistake, no one should ever lose their pod in lowsec except to smartbombs. still, good learning experience once again.

The next thing to decide is: What ships should I prepare? Clearly my HIC, a covert ops or two, a stealth bomber or two, my deep space transport, my blockade runner and Tengu, but what are fleets made out of these days? pre-dominion in Mostly Harmless we flew heavily tanked armor battleships able to survive a doomsday device (Titan Doomsday’s were AOE back then). Post Dominion, both Mostly Harmless and Against All Authorities flew long range glass cannon battleships. But I’ve heard recently that battleship fleets aren’t so common now days? especially since the new Tier 3 Battlecruisers came out. Is this true? are all fleets now made up of spider tanking drakes and tier3 BC?

If so, this is even more incentive for me to go buy a Fleet Command ship.

I think, there is one thing I would like to do before joining a nullsec corp. I’d like to go see the station at 9UY4-H again. last time I was there we had just finished an epic system lockdown over the course of a week and had finally taken the system. I would like to see it under CVA control once again. To that end I’ll be flying a nostalgic tour in my Onyx HIC starting from the Dital gate probably tomorrow night. I promise I won’t try to kill anyone 🙂

What to do now

May 13, 2012 1 comment

As it turns out, I needn’t have worried. my biggest concern was remembering how to fit ships, and yes I had forgotten the names of certain modules etc, but a few questions in the help channel solved that and I fitted out a PVE Drake and started on lvl 3’s. My second biggest concern was that I wouldn’t be able to react in time should something go wrong in a mission. I needn’t have worried about that either. Two lvl 3 missions in and I pretty much grabbed agro with my drake, released my 5 warrior II drones and went and read a book for half an hour until everything was dead.

epic screenshot of the day… (sarcasm) npc exploding

Now I remember why I hated High-sec last time i was here missions are boring.

My dilemma now is that I don’t know if I have time for a nullsec alliance, perhaps I do. I have changed my skill training queue about 6 times in the past week, not knowing what to focus on (capitals? Logistics? command ships? another racial HAC?). I think I have finally decided to ramp up all the leadership skills that I started on last time I was in nullsec. These can apply to all environments, whether it be high-sec carebear mission-running or nullsec capital fleets. I have my eye set on a fleet command ship and can already fit an armor warfare link. I have no real burning desire to fly capitals – you have more fun flying smaller ships anyway and I doubt that i will get into a capital fleet fight anytime soon.

Now, just before I left Mostly Harmless a couple of years ago, I was about to start stepping up for FC duty. I think I’d like to do that. If I FC, then I can schedule a roam to suit the time I’m going to play. The trick now of course is finding a good alliance filled with Australian or Australian time-zone people.

Also when I was in Mostly Harmless, and before IT Alliance formed, there was a corporation called ANZAC Alliance they were mostly Australian players (for you non-Aussie readers: ANZAC stands for Australian and New-Zealand Army Corps). I think I’d like to join them at some point. Australian FC’s can fill the gap when there are large alliance or coalition objectives to be taken care of, allowing round-the clock operations. They are now part of Executive Outcomes who at the moment hold a portion of Cloud ring (back near old Mostly Harmless territory).

I will wait for my RL friend though – he’s keen on some pvp so we’ll ramp up that a bit and see where it takes us. I’m seriously considering doing an Agony PVP course to get back into it, I’ve played the role of Scout, Ewar, HIC and battleship but never small ship tackle so I think getting that experience down-pat would be good to round out my skills. The best FC’s know what ships are used for what and that’s the knowledge I’ve lost over the past two years. It shouldn’t take long to gain it back though 🙂 looking forward to it.

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Psychology and stuff.

I’ve been following the Greedy Goblin for a while now and although he is an arrogant SOB, generally he has a useful point in most of the posts he makes. When I was playing WoW most recently I followed his blog and made enough cash for all the useless toys that I wanted in-game.

I stopped following because I quit wow a few months after cataclysm came out, mostly because of the horrible boringness of the daily quests, I couldn’t stand logging in every day, feeling like I could only progress if I played. (bear with me, this has a point)

Now that I’m playing EVE a friend of mine pointed out that the Greedy Goblin was also playing eve. so I hopped over to his blog and read through all his EVE related posts. As per usual his posts did a mixture of informing me, making me think and pissing me off. This time around however, I found myself slightly pitying him. Perhaps it’s a testament to the complexity of EVE, but everyone goes through newbie stages. Gevlon is full of enthusiasm, and is often right, but he is very obviously still new to the things of EVE. Don’t get me wrong – I’m certainly not dumping on him. I think he’ll go far, but some of his ideas are ignorant of what drives the player base of eve.

I would highly recommend to him to just for a month or so, swallow his pride, take an unknown alt and be a nobody in a nullsec corporation, and participate in a few wars before ranting on about how eve can be won. I would highly recommend Against All Authorities (my previous alliance) as they are very nearly constantly at war. What he will gain from this is an understanding of the enormity and difficulty of holding 0.0 space. He has this idea that Eve nullsec can one day be under control of one empire. I have also had this Idea and I would certainly love to be a part of it, but there is something fundamental at work that would prevent it from ever happening.

Back in the day, there was BoB. The most powerful alliance in the game. But because of BoB’s every growing power, other alliances who were previously enemies with each other banded together into the Anti Bob Coalition and for a while, eve 0.0 space was split almost directly in two halves. When The Anti BoB Coalition was victorious (regardless of how that happened) they effectively controlled all of EVE nullsec. Everyone was blue to everyone else, EVE was won! do you know what happened next?


All the alliances gradually reset eachother’s standings just so they could fight eachother. As the Northern coalition found out when I was with them, if you have no enemy, you grow complacent and weak. This leaves the door open for opposition. as I have in my bio:

The superior man, when resting in safety, does not forget that danger may come. When in a state of security he does not forget the possibility of ruin. When all is orderly, he does not forget that disorder may come. Thus his person is not endangered, and his States and all their clans are preserved. – Confucius (circa 551-479 BC)

I do support his Titan project however (unlike many of his commenters) I believe in the right alliance and for the right battle, Titans are very useful. (see this post AAA have more titans than any other alliance in the game, and they use them regularly.

That said, Gevlon’s commenters that say that people just want good fights is true. Against All Authorities kicked out CVA from their space to teach them a lesson. And then a few months later let them back in because of all the good fights they were missing out on. Good fights are fun and although there may be a certain satisfaction in totally obliterating the enemy. as I mentioned in this post I would have loved CVA to actually put up a fight rather than letting us just walk all over them. Again, in this post the Northern coalition obliterated a Sons of Tangra battleship fleet with next to zero losses. Not just chased them off… we killed them all minus two logistics ships. That was NOT FUN! we weren’t satisfied at the end. There’s no adrenaline rush if you don’t have some risk involved in a fight.

Anyway, Long story short I guess. I’m going to be trying out more trading to see how it goes. Previously all I needed to do was get enough money for a battleship and some other things and my nullsec alliance replaced it fully fitted if I got blown up, so once the entry point was reached, there was no incentive for me to earn more ISK. Now, however since I’m not in nullsec anymore, I’m going to see how much money I can make. stay tuned.

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May 4, 2012 3 comments

Two days off sick (honestly sick, not “I want to play internet spaceships” sick) allowed me to start a trial account in EVE to decide if I wanted to get back into it.

After an hour or two of a steep re-learning curve, I finally got the hang of shooting things. I remembered all the problems I initially had about not being able to shoot missiles without having to buy the skill, and made a couple of dumb mistakes like buying a new frigate one mission before getting one free from the agent. Still haven’t got the overview working the way I want it.

Anyway, long story short. I reactivated my account. I am still flying as Akura Kawanaka and I logged into the game where I had left off – in high sec in my Occator, after having moved all my stuff out of the space owned by my previous alliance AAA.

Now, the problem I have here is, I put myself into a corporation that I owned “0.0 veterans rest and relaxation corp”, but to prevent impulse spending I had moved all my cash to the corp wallet and made my alt (on another account) the sole accountant for the corporation. the corporation tax rate is also 100%, so I am now relatively pennyless (200million isk) with the remainder sitting in a corporate account that I can’t access unless I reactivate my other account……which I really don’t want to use this time around.)

so while I mulled this over, I moved myself and my stuff back to the mission hub of Amo/Lustrevik that I used to frequent prior to moving to 0.0 space.

Occator in flight by Starlight with a beautiful Nebula in the background

so… now what to do? I don’t really have time for 0.0 (at the moment), I think I’d like to try trading/industrial for a living, but they tend to take a long time to get into and all my skills are pvp related except for hauling…..

Missions then? they bring a good amount of isk in. I do get bored doing them after a while but my RL friend will be doing them for a while when he joins up so I figured that would be a good option.

Turns out I had a very good PVE fit Hyperion sitting there waiting for me.

Hyperion in station

anyone know how to make your character smile for screenshots?

anyway, also in anticipation of missioning, I bought a Noctis, one of the new dedicated salvage ships (battlecruiser size?).

Noctis by starlight

problem is though. I’ve lost my confidence…. I’m still hesitant with the overview and still not sure of myself with missions. last time I missioned was over 3 years ago! I don’t have the money to replace my current ship…. what if I get killed in my first lvl 4 mission I do? what if I find that missioning is so dull that I want to get into pvp but can’t because of RL commitments?

for the first time as a pod pilot, I am afraid…..

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