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EVE Resume

In preparation for maybe joining up with a nullsec alliance, I was gathering together a bit of a history of what I’ve done in EVE. Generally in my experience there are varying requirements for joining a nullsec corporation. These vary on the maturity, size and attitude of the corporation. For example, a corporation that is new to nullsec may be happy to accept new members so long as those members are willing to contribute in some way.

on that note, I’d like to give a shout out to Jacabon Mere who commented on my last post – he’s a CEO of a smallish Aussie-timezone corporation that is now in the very northern reaches of nullsec as part of CONVICTED alliance. (useless fact of the day, I have a jump clone still in one of the stations up there). now his corporation are small and the requirements are low. This is necessary to build the corporation, and with proper leadership this corp may be well respected in the nullsec world.

Then the next level up are the established nullsec corporations, to whom an influx of inexperienced pilots would be detrimental. These corporations generally have a minimum skillpoint requirement and request an interview over voice chat prior to joining.

Further up the chain are the corporations which are super hard-core. I would place the Dark Knights of Daneb (my last nullsec corporation) in this boat. If I remember correctly we had to maintain 30 killmails per month to stay in the corporation (not really a hard thing to maintain due to the war we were having with the providence block at the time). These guys wanted to see references to previous killboards and evidence that I was serious about and experienced in PvP.

These corporation levels (for want of a better word) are not “better” than one-another, it is all dependant on the culture of the corp and the play style that you’re after. In any case, I was looking back at some of my old posts and I’ve found that quite a few of the links to corporation or alliance killboards have gone dead. I have a screenshot of my Mostly Harmless killboard summary from just prior to the Dominion patch here: pre-dominion-kill-summary. but other than that, all killboard websites seemed to have vanished.

And so, I must resort to using battleclinic or eve-kill.net. This is me here:
eve-kill pilot summary

Now, I’m certain that this is not all the kills/losses I’ve had. This is only the kills that other people have posted (via their api key) to the eve-kill.net website. What I would really love is for Eve to be able to show all the killmails that you have been on. That way I would be able to see every fight I have contributed to in some way. Unfortunately, the only thing that CCP allow us to have is mails when we land a final blow and when we die ourselves.

I have also been thinking. It is fairly important to keep your corporation history clean. This is one of the reasons I chose to name my corporation “0.0 veterans rest and relaxation corp”. If it was called something else or if I had joined a different corp it would have been one extra thing to explain to a recruiter next time I wanted in on nullsec.

On another note – My buddy and I took a bit of a roam through lowsec, just to get our feet wet. This was the result. I expected as much and we didn’t take anything I couldn’t afford to lose, but I was still annoyed I lost my pod as well, they had an onyx there that must have had a sensor booster or two. Still, I got a bit flustered in between telling my mate to warp out in fleet chat and trying to remember what things to click to get my pod out. It was a stupid mistake, no one should ever lose their pod in lowsec except to smartbombs. still, good learning experience once again.

The next thing to decide is: What ships should I prepare? Clearly my HIC, a covert ops or two, a stealth bomber or two, my deep space transport, my blockade runner and Tengu, but what are fleets made out of these days? pre-dominion in Mostly Harmless we flew heavily tanked armor battleships able to survive a doomsday device (Titan Doomsday’s were AOE back then). Post Dominion, both Mostly Harmless and Against All Authorities flew long range glass cannon battleships. But I’ve heard recently that battleship fleets aren’t so common now days? especially since the new Tier 3 Battlecruisers came out. Is this true? are all fleets now made up of spider tanking drakes and tier3 BC?

If so, this is even more incentive for me to go buy a Fleet Command ship.

I think, there is one thing I would like to do before joining a nullsec corp. I’d like to go see the station at 9UY4-H again. last time I was there we had just finished an epic system lockdown over the course of a week and had finally taken the system. I would like to see it under CVA control once again. To that end I’ll be flying a nostalgic tour in my Onyx HIC starting from the Dital gate probably tomorrow night. I promise I won’t try to kill anyone 🙂

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