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Roam through providence

And so as I mentioned I was going to do in my last post, I took my trusty Onyx and had a bit of a trip through Providence.

My Onyx Heavy Interdictor…. it doesn’t look good from any angle

This being the first time I have jumped into 0.0 space since I left the game two years ago, I was overly cautious. I had my alt scout and basically took my time to go through. My friend followed in his trusty rifter and we spent a bit of time going over the basics of nullsec survival. We made bookmarks near the gates, we had a bubble demonstration and eventually made our way to 9uy. Last time I was here I had the pleasure of bubbling the station for pew pew. This time I bubbled it for the lols


I was a bit disappointed however, there were only 5 in system, no hostiles. Still, it freaked me out a bit. In High sec you can be fairly safe assuming you’re not carrying anything of great value and there are no war decs against your corp. in nullsec with a proper alliance you can be certain of your safety if local contains only blues, but in Providence, despite the NRDS intention, you can’t tell who is going to kill you.

We met some nice proviholders from Sanctury Pact, and I remembered that seeing an onyx on screen is probably not the most peaceful ship you’d want to see. If it was me, I would assume that if I saw a lone HIC coming towards me, there would be a medium to large fleet of HAC’s or battle cruisers arriving shortly thereafter.

So I made my intentions clear in local (emiko is my alt):

[ 2012.05.16 12:08:13 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : XHQ-7V
[ 2012.05.16 12:08:37 ] Marites Camates > Konbanwa
[ 2012.05.16 12:08:56 ] Marites Camates > ogenki desu ka
[ 2012.05.16 12:09:10 ] Akura Kawanaka > nihongo o wakarimasen
[ 2012.05.16 12:09:23 ] Marites Camates > skosh
[ 2012.05.16 12:09:31 ] Akura Kawanaka > watashi mo
[ 2012.05.16 12:09:44 ] Marites Camates > Amirican living in Yokosuka
[ 2012.05.16 12:09:58 ] Akura Kawanaka > Australian pretending to be japanese living in australia 🙂
[ 2012.05.16 12:10:04 ] Marites Camates > haha
[ 2012.05.16 12:10:11 ] Marites Camates > Okage sama de
[ 2012.05.16 12:11:00 ] Emiko Kasono > we’re peaceful btw – just sight seeing, despit the fact Akura is in an onyx
[ 2012.05.16 12:11:26 ] Marites Camates > rgr, we are drinking, couldnt fight ..cant see
[ 2012.05.16 12:11:42 ] Significant other > dam coffee

These guys were sitting on one of the gates in a cane and a cruiser that I don’t remember. Unfortunately, when we were on the way out we noticed a 8-10 man gang from “Forceful Entry” alliance (never a good sign) and noticed a BC wreck on one of the gates – looks like our friend was smooshed.

On another note – on that killmail was a corporation called Centrelink Australia (this is sort of the Aussie equivalent of Social Security)
http://eve-kill.net/?a=corp_detail&crp_id=99309. I thought that was pretty funny.

So I also spoke to the recruiters at ANZAC Alliance. It turns out that my corporation name backfired and Rooman thought that I am an Alt. I’m certain I can convince them otherwise however.

I’m looking forward to a bit of alliance pew pew. According to The Ancient Gaming Noob I will be entering the north again (ANZAC is in Executive Outcomes alliance) just after a major conflict. which is probably good, it will give me a chance to settle in before the next round begins. I was never a fan of cloud ring though – as it connects with NPC held Syndicate, it was too easy to attack. the system is large and there are only a few bottleneck systems that we could defend easily. still, we had some of our

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