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Is it just me or is the Russian language version of the inferno trailer far more epic than the English version?

make it full screen, turn up the sound and don’t watch the subtitles…..

I have no idea what he’s saying but it sounds AWESOME

Anyway, it made me a little nostalgic of my time in -A- where half the fleet orders were in Russian. It’s been two years so I can’t remember how to count in Russian anymore, but I do remember one FC saying “Dasvidanya Asshole” as we burned providence…. ahh, the memories.

Here’s a vid I found just btw of a -A- fleet – if you can ignore the music you can get an idea of what it’s like in a multi-lingual alliance. youtube link. This would have looked so good with the missile changes that are in place now.

On another note – I got slightly drunk and bought myself a redundant manticore just to see the new design:



I had a thought that I should join Red Vs Blue and get some FCing experience in. I even went so far as to haul a bunch of stuff to their home systems. When I got there however, everyone was playing station games….. That’s not something I’m interested in. I’ll just have to get some experience doing it for real in nullsec.

I promise you, there will be epic battle reports like you are used to just as soon as I get an epic battle or two. šŸ™‚

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