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No big fleet battle reports yet

I Joined Anzac Alliance, however…… no big fleet fights yet.

If you read The Ancient Gaming Noob you’ll know that he’s recently been having a few largeish battleship fleet fights, however he mentions all the time that it’s 30+ jumps to where the fights are….



I hope to one of these days get into an actual fight.

having down time right in the middle of my usual play time doesn’t help either.

Also, it’s been a bit of a hassle getting out to nullsec – the market where Executive Outcomes is based isn’t as good as I was used to with Mostly Harmless. I couldn’t even find a Tech II mwd…. so, mostly the last week has been waiting for my stuff to be delivered via corp jump freighter and getting on with real life stuff.

I am in the middle of writing a guide to joining a Nullsec corporation – I remember when I joined Mostly Harmless I spent a good few days reading forums and signing up for teamspeak etc. This time around is no different:

Anzac Jabber
Executive outcomes jabber
Executive outcomes forums
Executive outcomes TS
Test alliance forums
Goonswarm forums
Goonswarm mumble


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  1. June 8, 2012 at 15:22

    Amazing map, I had no idea that all those alliances space was bigger then Hig sec.
    I also dream about big space battles, but more down the road, I am still learning all i can, and enjoying the ride, there is still to much to learn and so few time.

  2. June 10, 2012 at 10:15

    Bookmarked,thanks for the info.

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