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I feel pretty

As you know, occasionally there are viruses that go around nullsec stations. Occasionally a clone just isn’t formed correctly. Back in the day my alt’s face got screwed up by a high-G turn while trying to burn out of Jita (here).

Today, after downtime, I jumped to my nullsec clone and discovered some douche bag had mucked around with the skin pigmentation controls….. I guess that’s what you get when living in a station with the goons:


On another note – the sov war is going well – no more battle reports yet, (I’ve only been in more drake fleets which gets a bit monotonous to post about.)

we’re gradually creeping forward. I managed to catch the following two announcements on the concord billboard thing in-station:

1B-VKF taken

LUA5-L taken

I also shot a Territorial claim unit in Q-JQSG last night:

It’s been mostly uneventful in this timezone unfortunately.
Here’s the most exciting thing that happened during my time on Monday night:

Southern Coalition “OhGodOhGod-getmethehelloutofhere” cap ship doctrine?

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  1. July 4, 2012 at 11:03

    That Tanathos was a trollfit or something? Does it make any sense to fit so many cargoholds with no cargo?

    Did he do it to decrease top speed to warp faster? Then he is the dumbest idiot ever. He should have fitted 4 warpstabs, 2 inertia modifiers and a 100MN afterburner to run it for a cycle. Since the second highest damage is a recon ship, it’s clear that the recon scrammed it and kept it locked until the titan and support fleet arrived. If only he had warpstabs…

    • July 5, 2012 at 02:43

      I’m not sure – the pilot was caught not even near a station – the only thing we could possibly think of at the time was that he got drunk and passed out after undocking. the only thing that I could possibly think of as to why someone would fit the cargo expanders would be to increase the size of the corporate hanger bays (we don’t see the loot that was in there) but that doesn’t work…

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