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Timezone issues

And so it seems that the Ancient Gaming Noob is getting all the screenshots and battle reports that used to be the bread and butter of my blog. This is partly because of my timezone, but also partly due to Real life issues that have come up recently.

Please take the time to read TAGN’s posts on the Delve war:

Also of note is Jester Treck’s blog posts on the reasoning behind the war and musings on why we’re fighting at all:


While I’ve been a bit active, My timezone has mostly been gate camps and small harrassment fleets and I’ve gotten no kills due to insta-cane killmail whores (note to self: build and fly an instacane for killmail whoring). Of note, I am now able to fit tech II bubbles on my Onyx, meaning that I’m approximately 42% more effective as a HIC pilot now. This makes me happy as I sometimes found myself with an inferiority complex vs light dictors who’s bubbles are bigger than a HIC IV, bubble IV pilot.

gate camping with tornadoes

On another note – it seems merlins are the flavor of the month with the current alliance tournament. As my RL friend is getting into nullsec shortly I gave him a bit of practice with the actions of tackling and burning towards an opponent. Also we had a bit of discussion about the advantages/disadvantages of short/long range guns on a tackler as well as scrams vs disruptors, whether to fit a web, etc. quite an educational session, even for me as I know a bit of theory but have only minimal tackle frigate experience. I also tried out the new anciliary shield boosters, using Jester Treck’s double 150 merlin fit here

out of the merlin and the rifter, I came out slightly better

Anyway, I think I’ll be able to get some time over the next week to get really stuck into more fleets and hopefuly bring some good stories. Perhaps I’ll have to adjust what I’m looking for in terms of blog material.

What aspect of nullsec would you like to hear more about? Suggestions anyone?

  1. July 11, 2012 at 15:46

    Was it a “for fun” gatecamp, or was it part of the Delve war, hunting for enemies?

    To answer the question: the wars that shape the galaxy. The doctrines one shall learn. The ships we start to train learning if we want to fit in (not everyone does).

    What I know of null I learn from you and other bloggers (damn long training, and damn stupid me not starting a scout earlier, I’d have a tackling Buzzard already). By the way that ship will be ready in a week, I won’t wait until logi to join null. Your blog and comments helped a lot to get into it sooner than I originally planned. After Monday post…

    • July 13, 2012 at 02:59

      it was more a “system protection” operation. we didn’t deploy permanent bubbles and were constantly warping around from gate to gate as our scouts called out the movements of hostiles in adjacent systems. I think I’ll end up writing a whole post on this. The difference in this war to others I’ve been in is both sides are now holed up in unconquerable npc stations less than 5 jumps from eachother, making it impossible to merely turf them out or destroy station services etc. thus blockading their logistics services and other movements is the only way we can pressure them.

      to be honest I hate the traditional “for fun” gate camp of just sitting on a bubbled gate waiting for something to come through. could count on one hand the times that I’ve done that.

  2. July 11, 2012 at 18:20

    Yeah, I have to get an insta-cane down in Delve if I am going to kill mail whore as well. At the 49-U6U fleet, they were blowing stuff up long before I could get lock in a Drake. Of course, all I really need is another ship in Delve if the fighting winds down.

    I got an IM from a corp mate a little bit ago. CFC lured SoCo out of the station at 319 with a smaller fleet and then dropped caps on them. Again. SoCo hates that. The actual fight was about a draw, but the cap drop pushed the rage meter up pretty high I hear.

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