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New Shiny

Well, so the past 3 weeks have been pretty much solid real life work. I have literally only had time to log in and change my skills.

I did pay attention to the alliance tournament and I have to say, like a good many people that the Rote Kapelle Vs Pandemic Legion was my favorite.

If you haven’t seen it, watch it on youtube here

just goes to show what good piloting and disciplined FCing can do against an overwhelming amount of isk. Pandemic legion’s setup breached the 100 billion isk mark and included ships given out as prizes for last years tournament. PL’s setup for this match, far exceeded Rote Kapelle’s entire Alliance tournament Budget.

one of the Rote Kapelle pilots writes a blog at jestertrek – his version of things is enlightening:


He has also written some follow up blogs about alliance tournament training and matches that are well wort the read:
tournament matches
tournament training

On another note, I’ve started training towards light interdictors. There are just some situations where they are more suited than HICs. I don’t have much experience with them yet, but when I do, I’ll surely post my thoughts on the different tactics required.

In the meantime however I have gained the skill of interceptors (required on the path towards interdictors) and so even though I won’t be using them much, I just had to buy, fit and undock in my first interceptor, a caldari raptor. New shinys give me a bit of an endorphin kick after a hard day’s work in RL. 6.1km/s overheated, it’s not the fastest interceptor out there, but I still think it looks cool. I have a thing for asymmetric ships. (damn those CCP bastards for ruining the scorpion)

Just for kicks, I bought four with fittings and shipped them out to nullsec. I’d like to try to give them a go in a small home defense fleet, as some of the physical skills required for interceptors will translate to light dictors. I fully intend to die gloriously in a hail of blaster fire.


Comming up soon: a small guide on why everyone, without exception, should do some time as a fleet scout, why it will improve your gameplay in nullsec and how to not make a fool of yourself while doing it.

  1. July 29, 2012 at 07:54

    Whoa, finally something that I can actually talk from experience: interceptors with only nanos (and maybe small friction nozzle joints) are excellent transporters for implants and skillbooks. If you want endorphin rush, fly one from Jita to your nullsec hub with a couple hundred million worth of stuff that you can sell for serious premium. Just avoid bubblecamps, however I guess you can fly directly from highsec/lowsec to CFC/HB-owned null.

    • July 29, 2012 at 12:26

      hehe – this is what interdiction nullifying Tech III cruisers are for. But yes I’ve been reading about how you’ve been interceptors for transport – I’ve been doing the same with covert ops. I’ll have to see what has more cargohold. Thankfully most nullsec corps though have a fully collateralised transport network to get my stuff with zero risk to myself into our nullsec hub 🙂 when we’re not in delve, we’re in the bottom of cloud ring – a long way from any high sec unfortunately, so I make good use of the corp jump freighters.

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