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Test Celebratory Video

July 30, 2012 Leave a comment

Test alliance made this video – as they are very good at doing.  to celebrate the three regions in 30 days war of delve, querious and Period basis.


as usual, video is far more awesome than just plain screenshots:

actual link here:

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July 6, 2012 Leave a comment

Chimera carrier by Starlight

Fleet Doctrine: DrakeFleet

July 2, 2012 3 comments

One of the good things about Jabber is the audio notifications that you get when there is a broadcast. I generally have Jabber signed in if I even think there is a possibility of logging in during the evening.

So I found myself in a drake fleet. A Drake fleet consists almost entirely of drakes with a smattering of scimitars and occasionally some interdictors/fast tackle. The screenshots really tell the whole story and finally make me feel like I’m back to the way my blog used to be: battle reports and epic screenshots:

Drakefleet forming up on our titan

This particular fleet was to happen very fast. we had 15 mins to form up, and then we were bridging into an unknown system

As is the case with most of the ops down in delve, the general masses are not told where we are jumping or what we are going to shootto until we actually do the jumping and shooting.

And so we jumped:

In this case, our target was the infrastructure hub in LUA5-L. Epic screenshots ensued:


The basis of a drake fleet is the ability to have your microwarp drive on permanently. Everyone turns it on and follows an Anchor. The logistics ships also follow their own anchor and we all end up forming a loose conga line in space. In this case we were orbiting an Infrastructure hub. With 175+ drakes, each shooting 7 missile launchers each, it went down fast.


The titan then jumped into the target system with a medium-sized fleet of supercarriers for support and bridged us all back:


Almost immediately another drake fleet was called and again we formed up on the titan.

It didn’t become clear until about 15-20 mins into this form up that we were actually a protection detail. We heard on comms that a number of POS’s were being deployed in a system within jump range. Lots of people didn’t get it or weren’t paying attention and as the time wore on and we weren’t jumping anywhere, people got restless. I’ve never really understood this. Perhaps I just pick up things and am able to put pieces of information together, or maybe its the experience that I’ve had in nullsec previously. 200 man fleets are not called on a whim.

There is always a reason, and yet people started complaining. Fleet chat turned into something worse than local….. people didn’t seem to understand the purpose of the fleet and so they went looking for porn….. This was my very first operation with the goons and I very nearly learned the hard way:

Don’t click on random in-fleet image links while wife is standing behind you.

It started off tasteful, but I had a hunch that it would descend into madness…. apparently i was right, as the FC made a decree: “Guys: No more bunny-suit-tranny porn ok? that shit’s just wrong.”. I was stuck – this was worse than barrens chat! it was worse than local smack in jita and I couldn’t close the fleet window because occasionally useful information would flow through like discussions about fittings and announcements from CFC command that I hadn’t read.

and so we sat there….. a wall of drakes… being repped by our bored logi pilots….. brain cells being killed by mindless drivel banter….. for one hour. seriously goons: do you all live in your parents basement? isn’t there something better that you can do with your minds?!?


It was necessary as we would have been able to obliterate any hostile fleet that came to stop the deployment of our pos’s. No killmails from it, but it is necessary for the war. However, it was disappointing that even after one hour of listening to the directors talk about deploying POS’s, a corpmate complained about having a fleet “canceled” after waiting about doing nothing for an hour. I duly informed him that we were in-fact doing something: Protection for the region logistics deployment.

And so the drake fleet ended in success and a scheduled Tengu fleet commenced forming up:



Yes, a Tengu fleet. This fleet is fully reimbursable by goons and test alliance. I heard that they are able to replace a the loss of 3-4 200-ship tengu fleets every week. That’s the wealth of the combined CFC. Can the southern alliances keep up with that?

Fights incomming

June 27, 2012 Leave a comment

Finally moved myself down to Delve.   Everyone is here – Against All Authorities regularly roam the npc stations, goons, PL and even some razor are here.   our first task – establish ourselves, bring ships and equipment, then the pew starts.

My killboard stats are finally starting to move, not that this is the only metric by which a good pilot is measured.

I had quite a lot of fun this week but haven’t had time to write about it yet.  so in the meantime – here’s a nice shot of a Talos battlecruiser to tide you over:


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Serpentis Station

June 19, 2012 5 comments

“In the centre of Fountain
Set apart from the sov wars
Lies Serpentis Prime”
– Akura Kawanaka


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In which I discover a new module

June 13, 2012 2 comments

Due to the delay involved in my corporate logistics moving things out to our nullsec area, I was looking at buying a spare Onyx and having it ready and fitted in case I got exploded.

And so, on searching through the market I found this:

This is a new module, I’m not sure when it came out, but according to patch notes on the 24th of January, it was broken until then.

With maximum skills (HIC to V), the tech I bubble generator gives a radius of 20km (base of 16 x 5% per HIC level = 25%) whereas the tech II bubble generator gives 24km radius. an extra 4km doesn’t seem like much, but remember, this is an extra 4km in every direction.

The difference between the two is shown best when we look at the volume covered: (V=4/3piR2)
T1 = 33510 km3
T2 = 57905 km3

Meaning that the T2 bubble is a bit more than 42% bigger than the T1

The only problem:


I was training for interceptors and light dictors… but I’ll have to wait a month. I also discovered that my shield compensation skills are all sitting at III except for EM. That must have been from when I stopped doing them in favor of armor tanked battleships back in the day….. Well, at least I don’t have to wonder what I should train for.

I’ll also have to update my HIC guide to mention it. If you’re a HIC specialist, it is definitely worth training.

No big fleet battle reports yet

June 6, 2012 3 comments

I Joined Anzac Alliance, however…… no big fleet fights yet.

If you read The Ancient Gaming Noob you’ll know that he’s recently been having a few largeish battleship fleet fights, however he mentions all the time that it’s 30+ jumps to where the fights are….



I hope to one of these days get into an actual fight.

having down time right in the middle of my usual play time doesn’t help either.

Also, it’s been a bit of a hassle getting out to nullsec – the market where Executive Outcomes is based isn’t as good as I was used to with Mostly Harmless. I couldn’t even find a Tech II mwd…. so, mostly the last week has been waiting for my stuff to be delivered via corp jump freighter and getting on with real life stuff.

I am in the middle of writing a guide to joining a Nullsec corporation – I remember when I joined Mostly Harmless I spent a good few days reading forums and signing up for teamspeak etc. This time around is no different:

Anzac Jabber
Executive outcomes jabber
Executive outcomes forums
Executive outcomes TS
Test alliance forums
Goonswarm forums
Goonswarm mumble


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