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quick 49- update

August 10, 2012 Leave a comment

From the looks of the forums I frequent TEST/PL and EXE pulled together to get everyone possible into system and won the day. SoCo didn’t even show up.

Here’s a choice tidbit from one of the SOCO intel channels after they were told to stand down:

Absocold > We were told to be here for the fight of the year. Now we’re told we’re not going to fight. :/
Zalyz S’venfirion > think about it
Zalyz S’venfirion > we wouldnt get to the station before those 100+ carriers would rep it
Sargeamarrminer > someone tell me why the fuck we standing down and i just woke up?
Cheez Burgr > Well, 700 of us were “blueballed” while 1400 test+friends were blueballed
pritch1 > just because we didnt fight doesnt mean we lost
Spiral Architect > the jump in would have been a massacre.
ScarfaceMkd > we lost. deal with it
Weldon Byrn > operation blueballs was a success
Soknorb Revned > who gives a crapo about station., we all came here for a fight
Magnus Gallantus > we’ve had 2 hours to blow them up before they could even start repping it
Sargeamarrminer > we knew this would be a big fight, where was our capital and super fleet?
ScarfaceMkd > we suck
pritch1 > them bringing 1400 shows they are desperate and running scared
Kainos Kerensky > Agreed, and like I said, their allies wont come full strenght each time. We cant fight all of eve, just most.
Next time is our time since we are closer to the objective, their allies have to move from the north. Blueballs = Moral loss

I’ll leave off my commentary about why bringing 1400 doesn’t actually mean we’re desperate and running scared but rather that we’re determined and can pull together when needed…..

Here’s a recording of the “stand down” announcement:

I love the “they’re not listening to this” comment at the end.

So hey, no pew pew, but system very comprehensively saved. Also Deluded enemy FTW!

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