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Station Killing D-GTMI

January 29, 2010 4 comments

once more we find ourselves in D-GTMI.

The destruction of the i-hub went swimmingly, you could say it was almost overkill:


Then Thursday night the station came out of reinforced. This time, as before I slipped into the system in my tengu.
shortly after, however I was accepted into -A-.

I don’t have much story to tell here, so I’ll let the screenshots do the talking.

Capitals at a pos ready to go

the cap ship battle commences and we warp in our big guns:

sixteen titans!

I managed to get on a kill with my token multi-spec ECM (I couldn’t find heavy missiles on the markets in the vicinity)


As the station came out of reinforced, our cap fleet warped to the station, blotting out the sun.


CCP atlas turned up in a Polaris frigate and for some reason seemed to pop our large T2 bubble that was on the station:


Towards the end, there was almost 1600 in system, with everyone weighing in, including Atlas.

one of my corpmates flying a titan posted this in corp:
23:34:32 Combat Your Judgement hits rhialto [GSY](Revelation), doing 679547.9 damage.

Here is the final -A- killboard – as you can see it was quite a slaughter:

last I checked it was 232 kills for 11 losses. and of course, we took the station.

it was certainly a good first day in my new corp 🙂