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Raptor in an Alpha Fleet: Lessons Learned

August 12, 2012 Leave a comment

A call for a stratop went out: Alpha fleet with the usual smattering of dics/hics and intys. I had just used my clone jump timer to jump from deklein to Cloud ring for a corporate op when the ping came over jabber. I’ve been wanting to try my new raptor out for a while now and so I burned from CR to our staging point in Deklein to get there just in time to form up on the titan. I’m feeling fairly small at this point, I’ve pretty much never been in a large fleet in anything smaller than a cruiser before.

alpha fleet on a titan

The FC did something different though: he called for instacanes. we ended up with about 5 or 6 of them in fleet, which I thought was weird.

The fleet seemed to be in no rush. but when it happened it happened fast. The FC told us to set our destinations for GIH-ZG, then told the idiots who started warping there to stop it and get back on the titan. The titan opened the bridge and we found ourselves two systems from our destination. The FC told us to individually burn as fast as we could into GIH and then warp to a fleet member at a friendly POS. It turned out that this was all done due to systems surrounding our destination were cyno-jammed and because there was an enemy bomber/recon fleet inbetween us and our target system. going on the safety in numbers principal, we only lost one battleship out of the 180+ fleet getting into the system.

Once we were in there and in the safe POS, we warped to a hostile POS that was comming out of reinforced mode in 3 minutes. Now, the counter to a blob of battleships has always been coordinated stealth bomber runs. This plays havoc with the logistics and if done right can destroy the fleet before the logis can rep everyone. However, a bombing run must have a target, and a battleship fleet is only vulnerable if they form up like this:


And so the FC wisely chose to spread us out. He anchored himself, told everyone else to spread out to 30km and had his HIC bubble up on his ship. This would make getting warpins for bombing runs quite tricky as any direct line of warp would cause the bomber fleet to be dragged into the bubble and it would be very difficult to point in the right direction and target before being killed:


So we waited for it to come out of reinforced and the alpha fleet shot it down. I sent a round or two into the tower for killmail goodness and then settled in, orbiting the fleet, ready for anything.

Anything came, and it became quite clear why the FC wanted the insta-canes. 17 bombers and an interdictor later the bad guys stopped comming. I managed to get on my first kills in a raptor including a final blow on a pod, which never happens for me.

killing bombers (full fight here)

I was quite a bit uncoordinated unfortunately – I need to practice and memorize the keyboard shortcuts for align to and that sort of thing. I’m sure I could have been more effective if I didn’t stuff around so much with clicking things.

Another lesson learned

We slow-boated home. There was another fleet of bombers that came after us, but the fleet stayed cloaked for as long as possible after each gate. Being in a frigate, I tried to get out of the way of the bombs and was soundly smacked down. took me a few seconds to realise what happened. I broadcasted for shield, then wondered to myself why I was only traveling 175m/s, “oh… I’m in my pod”… I got a shield rep anyway 🙂


As it turns out, holding your cloak after a gate also gives you immunity to AOE weapons. I did not know this. I’ve never had to worry about bombs before as my usual ship the Onyx tanks more than battleships, and pretty much the last time I flew a battleship, they had to be tanked for doomsday AOE.

so there you go: even though I’m not planning on flying interceptors regularly, I have learned something useful. The lessons learned today will still be useful when I fly light dictors in about 2 weeks time.

in other news, as I write this (on a saturday morning my time) there are large fights going on with CFC vs NCdot and also Honeybadgers Vs AAA. I can’t be a part of it because of family commitments. oh to be a single forever alone person sitting at my computer by myself all weekend….. heh, nope, having kids is awesome 🙂


The Anti-Drakefleet Drakefleet

August 9, 2012 4 comments

I was in the middle of brushing off my scanning skills – I spent 3 months in a wormhole when they first came out and I only now remember exactly how much I grew to hate scanning. still, I’m sure it will come in handy one of these days, and so I practice.

The ping came through pidgin – there was to be an Alpha fleet and a drake fleet – The Alpha fleet had already been up for a while and were combining with a dread/carrier fleet to reinforce some NCdot Towers. NCdot appeared to be forming a response drakefleet and so the call went out to hustle as we were expecting a fight from the Northern coalition defending their towers Y-PZHM.

Drake Swarm in flight

I warped back to the station, got out of my ship and jump-cloned out to QPO and hopped in a drake. On Joining the fleet I saw an unusual Message Of The Day: Drop your passive EM hardener and replace it with a damp with a scan resolution script or a web. The FC had personally bought damps and webs and put them in the staging system at a personal isk loss just so we could all have one fitted.

We all got on the titan – 100+ in fleet including scimitars, which wasn’t bad for 10 mins notice including a fitting change and we bridged in.

FC told us to hold cloak, load up a Logistics only overview profile and choose a logistics to target (usually when the FC gives you the option, you should pick someone close to your name in the alphabet) we all had ECM drones as per the goon doctrine. This would be interesting. As it turned out, the enemy had brought Tengus and munnins rather than drakes – that’s an interesting combination. they still have the weakness of relying on scimitar logistics however.

The call came to uncloak and targets began to be called in addition to the pet logis that we each had. The first thing you mus always do in a drake fleet of course before anything else is turn your modules on, microwarp drive included and anchor up on the FC. Then and only then can you target something.

primary secondary and damp targets for me

Mild Time dialation kicked in but it didn’t affect us much. The damps made a huge difference – even though our drake fleets were approximately even numbers we blew them up quite a bit faster. The damps increasing the lock time of the opposing scimitars.


Just to make sure, we warped our alpha fleet onto them and then dropped some dreads as well. towards the end of the fight, there were a lot of “Mate”‘s put in local. I don’t think the NCdot leader is ever going to live that down.


While it was enjoyable, I’m starting to get bored with just drake fleets. I can’t fly a maelstrom and I’m not sure I want to retrain either – I retrained galente from caldari back in the day, but retraining a third racial battleship? not sure. It’s encouraging to see TEST are still using Rokhs and scorpions.

At the end of the day, we won of course
Here’s the outcome of the fight as shown by eve-kill (doesn’t always have all kills)

In other news – we got a broadcast from TEST leadership. it seems that Executive Outcomes as an alliance needs to help our friends TEST. We have closer ties to them than goonswarm and NCdot are out-matched in any case. so back to Delve we go.

Here’s part of the broadcast:

In 48 hours we’ll fight for 49-‘s final timer. As a brutal realist I want to tell you that its possible we could lose that fight, it wont be the last station we fight for if we do and we will fight to take it back should that happen, Defensive wars suck balls, Offensive wars are more our style anyway.

The outcome though, will depend on every one of you. You have 48 hours. I know lasts nights fight was murder on wallets and ship stocks, but you MUST work as best you can to replace what we burned, and have even more if possible.

The final fight for that system will be bloody. Expect AAA to call in every single thing they know and or own, expect to see close to 300 tengus. Expect to die, a lot.

If you can do what you did last night, I feel we can hold that system (turns out armor reinforce cycles work well with slow cat fleets). So I dont care if you have to sit on the corner of 1dh and suck dick for money, do whatever it takes to have a fairly large stock of ships sorted, fit, and ready to go. Spare dics, bombers, frigates, HUGGINS (holy shit tons of these), scimmies and mainline fleet ships (Rokhs/Maels/Drakes).

In 48 hours we set the world on fire, again.

Our alliance and corp are pulling out all the stops for this even offering bounties on hostiles killed and extra reimbursements for ships lost such that flying a drake or rokh will actually bring a profit if you get killed. The fight goes down out of my timezone unfortunately, and gone are the days when I could just take a day off work on impulse.

I’m looking forward to reading battle reports from there.

Epic drake screenshot to finish off

Evemonkey has left the building

March 20, 2010 14 comments

I’m not one for long speaches, but the TL;DNR is Evemonkey is quitting the game. No, you cannot have my stuff. Yes I may be back sometime in the future.

I’m moving back to australia and I don’t fancy having the daily downtime right in the middle of my peak playing time.

Looking forward to Guild Wars Two and CCP/White Wolf’s World Of Darkness but until then I think I’ll have to stick with shooting zombies 🙂

Thank you to all the corporations and people that I’ve interacted with. May the coming war between the Northern Coalition and the rest of eve, (scheduled to kick off in early April) inspire many good blogs.

I still have 8 days left on my subscription so I’ll be keeping my skills updated but for now…this is Evemonkey signing out.

Political Update

March 6, 2010 7 comments

The result of the last fight that I spoke about <a href=”“>here</a>  the system was taken and given to Sys-K.  it turned out that it was just an over-eager sys-k member thinking that the station had been killed before it actually had who removed the SBU’s before their time.

Thankfully CCP has changed the sov mechanics so that the defending force would have had to repair the station to a certain level in order to trigger the restart of the station timer cycle.  Since we maintained superiority in the system after downtime, CVA were not able to repair the station and it was merely  a matter of waiting the three hours for our SBU’s to online again, after which, the station was taken without a hitch and the TCU was destroyed.  Later that night Sys-K’s TCU came online and the system takeover was complete.


The Against All Authorities Alliance leader posted a very informative post on our forums about the current political situation.  I have to say, I really really appreciate it when alliance leader or High-Council representatives keep the grunts like us informed of long term strategies and goings on that we aren’t normally privy to.

Here are the TL;DNR points in bold and my comments:

Providence:  Remove the threat install content for us and replant the rain-forest.

This has been interesting – We liked Providence the way it was – it provided a good training ground for new pilots and some good pew for the others.  We liked the fact that there were so many targets there but we couldn’t stand by and let threats to our sovereignty stand and hence CVA had to be removed.

Stainwagon:  Big mess over misunderstandings …. AAA is keeping a close eye and trying to make sound judgment before decision.

(Apparently there was a bit of a fuss over the stain empire etc resetting a number of alliances in the area including IT alliance.  a hesitant peace has been brokered).

Northern Coalition: What to do about the threat they pose?  the Jury is still out.

The next biggest threat is now the Northern Coalition.  This interests me greatly as once again, the Eve universe has polarised into two massive groups, the Northern Coalition + goonswarm and the Southern Coalition + IT Alliance.

The Southern Coalition headed by AAA, Atlas, Systematic Chaos and IT alliance are less tight-nit, preferring to be individual alliances with the chances of good fights between all.

The Northern Coalition however is a very different story. Having spent the majority of my nullsec career in the NC I know they are Extremely tight-nit, with each alliance readily deploying their forces to aid any of the others that come under sustained attack.  and they intend to remain this way indefinately.

AAA sees the NC as the biggest threat to their existance in eve currently.  I dissagree however.  In my experience the NC has been a purely defensive arrangement with only the occasional poke into the south.  The New sovereignty mechanics have made it very difficult to engage in a sustained campaign away from home, effectively preventing the “AFK empires” that existed pre-dominion.  If alliances cannot muster their forces in time, a station system is only 5 days away from being taken over – far less than was possible in the old system, where so long as the system was not tightly locked down with the attacking forces had to be ever vigilent against new Pos’s being erected.

However, with the possibility of one half of eve uprooting and attacking the other half in a coordinated manner, the risk is minimised that each individual alliance will be vulnerable to a concerted counter-attack.

IMHO, the NC deserves to win any fight – they’ve proven to be the most solid and long-lasting coalition of alliances in the history of Eve and the recent attacks on their sovereignty in Fade and Pure Blind  have only strengthened their ties.  Triumverate, by no means an incompetent alliance has been broken on the bullwark the Northern Coalition presents time and time again.

The difference between the threat that The NC presents now and the threat that the Greater Bob Community presented last year which turned the rest of Eve against them is that the NC is not expantionist in any serious way, whereas BoB openly was.

Only time will tell, but at the moment, as it has been for the past year or so, Branch is possibly the most stable region in the entire universe.   and to take it, any opposing force will have to wade through nearly 15,000 pilots.  not something any coalition will want to do without very strong inter-alliance ties and the ever present threat of ex-providence holders re-taking their space in the south.

The fighting spirit

February 10, 2010 15 comments

This (trying very hard not to be ranting) post was mainly inspired by a comment on my (mostly ranting) post here.

Here is the comment in question but feel free to read the entire discussion on the original post:

First of, the proviblock only lost d-g because of grid lag, -A- took the field first, and due to the unfortunate issues introduced in dominion, it appears that whoever takes the grid first wins.
Your corp then proceded to rub it in by bumping out pilots out of a POS bubbles using passwords they got their hands on by placing spies within CVA, underhand tactic that the Provibloc would never use.
The people of Providence have a loyalty that -A- players don’t have. You sound like a glory supporter, jumping to whichever corp you feel you will win with, maybe you should think about trying to stick it out with an underdog alliance and try and put up the best fight you can facing overwhelming odds.
What I understand the least about -A- is that they completely missed the oppertunity to take advantage of the fall of goonswarm. Delve region is worth so much more than Providence, yet you decide to fight for pointless little systems and make life difficult for an easier opponant when you could have push full force into delve and taken over that region. Instead you let it fall to IT Alliance, who I believe will want to come for your blood in the not-too-distant future.
Yeah you can bully the proviblock, but think about it in the long term, its going to be much better to clear out, leave them too it, and concentrate on bigger enemies. Even if you push them out, -A- will fall eventually, and you wont stick with them, you’ll jump into the next strongest corp that will let you in… Loyalty is more important than brute strength.

Yes, I admit that I am an alliance grunt, I have no knowledge of what either CVA or -A-/U’K have in store for the future, so perhaps I’m missing quite a lot somewhere. Perhaps providence has some epic smackdown planned. I’d also like to admit that I feel no ill will whatsoever, I am not bitterly ranting like Helicity Bson did in the epic post about carebears far from it.

I’d just like to address a couple of issues, the first of which is that I have switched alliances to be part of the winning team. In doing so I also hope to demonstrate that despite being an alliance grunt, I know something about defence in both pre and post dominion.

First of all: I did not leave Mostly Harmless (part of the Northern coalition) solely due to the fact that they were on the back foot. In fact, from the moment I entered nullsec until when I left in early January I have only been fighting defensive wars.

We fought against Tri, although that was before I started this blog

We fought against Evoke continuously, holding on, sometimes with the rest of the Northern Coalition, often by ourselves to the critical stations in Cloud ring. When they got the advantage and held our station systems, we fought back.

We fought against Sons of Tangra by ourselves, as they struck into our critical high-end moon systems and staged their entire capital fleet just outside our home region. We won because we counter attacked and they made mistakes. We did not stop harassing them on their home turf. Heck – we reinforced their R64 moons by deep incursions in frikking stealth bombers. We camped their jump bridges, we brought as many people we could to the fight.

We fought against Pandemic Legion who were hell bent on reclaiming all our R64’s just before dominion hit. They presented so much of a threat that we ended up losing the entire region of cloud ring to Evoke while we were defending our home systems. But still we made an effort to harass Evoke and yes, we got wiped out often also but we gave as much as we got. yes, ok, sometimes the northern coalition managed capital blobs. but when the NC weren’t backing us and we faced superior forces in a cyno jammed system we got into stealth bombers and executed coordinated attacks on their RR battleship fleet and made sure that we at least had sub capital fights rather than loosing a system without a fight at all.

Again, we tried to fight off evoke. Here we were fighting a war on both fronts. Pandemic Legion in the heart of our systems in Pure Blind and Evoke making a very good effort to take over cloud ring. We made some very bad mistakes and lost a lot of ships, but immediately afterwards got back into stealth bombers and executed coordinated attacks on PL’s battleship fleets. (the more perceptive here may note the recurring “get in frikking stealth bombers” theme here). Even after the entire Northern coalition tried to force Evoke out, but after some initial success we had to pull back, leaving Cloud Ring to the hostiles.

And again Triumverate came, and we fought against them but also didn’t let evoke take cloud ring without a fight. I didn’t write about the battles where evoke came and destroyed our r64’s in cloud ring because they had more in fleet. I didn’t write about the hours spent sitting staring at a system being totally ripped apart by hostiles because screenshot opportunities were hard to come by. Nor do I write blog posts about the hours spent sitting in a covert ops ship trying to find out where the hostile jump bridges are or which pos’s have Capital ship construction facilities, or where the enemy stages from because that is seriously boring stuff. I write about epic battles, whether we win or loose or even when the battles don’t happen but we made an effort. At one point it was so bad that we were told to move to an NPC station because we didn’t think we could hold Pure Blind. We also had our main staging system attacked, and destroyed prior to which I spent hours ferrying alliance assets out to a rear staging point. And a week of logging off in the ever decreasing number of pos’s in system.

As for the few fights I have had in providence. I have to say, I’ve only been here 2 weeks, I don’t know the history behind -A- and Proviblock, so I have no grudge or any emotion about this. The fight in D-G was great – and I don’t mean great in the fact that we won completely and utterly, I mean great in the fact that Providence actually tried to win. In fact, if I would say that the fight wasn’t satisfying at all. Read this post: Turkey Shoot and you’ll see my views on one fleet wholesale slaughtering another fleet. You’ll see that it is not enjoyable, I would much rather have my ship destroyed and me be podded ten times over if it meant we could have a good bit of a fight.

The reason why I am disappointed with CVA is that there is no resistance, there is no counter attack, you’re not deploying SBU’s in GE-, you’re not harassing our jump bridge network. Did you know that if you incapacitate a jump bridge or pos-based cyno generator, we have to rep it up or kill it entirely before we can online another one? Do you know how freaking long that takes? You can do that with a smallish battleship fleet and therefore prevent reinforcements coming to the front lines and/or divert valuable assets away in order to fix the logistics network. Put together a fleet of 40 or so stealth bombers, find a valuable POS of ours that has only large guns on it and reinforce it or kill cyno generators! If the tower starts to target you, cloak up! make it a war of attrition, leave alts cloaked up in our carebear systems and our staging station systems. harrass our undock points, camp our jump bridges! Don’t just sit there whining about grid lag on a battle that happened half a month ago. Do something!

As for the station loss itself: With the new Sov mechanics, you have 5 days or so, and two major battles with which to reset the attack. Control the system yourselves and the enemies won’t be able to gain it back without a lot of effort. That goes for both sides, attacking or defending In case you didn’t notice, a combined force of -A- and IT alliance was pushed back by goonswarm when we (I wasn’t here at the time) tried to take 49U from them. You’ll notice that goonswarm, despite being at a timezone disadvantage managed to prevail against a superior force. Don’t tell me it’s impossible for CVA to at least try the same, yet over those 5 days sieging 9UY there was no concerted effort to take back the system. there was the occasional freighter breakout fleets and the occasional solo stealth bomber (solo stealth bombers won’t do much at all, get in a group and coordinate your targets and warpings) but that was it. As I have said, I don’t know the reasons high up in CVA for this, but I’m under the impression that it was a major psychological blow to all providence holders, and indeed it was intended to be. -A- doesn’t want that system! we just wanted the psychological blow that it would deliver and we succeeded in that.

Finally, I’d like to state the obvious: holding nullsec requires fighting. If you’re not capable of fighting, then you need to be good friends with an alliance who is. That is the way of it. it’s not “unfair” it’s not “bullying” I don’t even understand what you mean by that…. it’s just the game mechanics. you’re in 0.0 you are not going to get a free ride. I do understand that there are a lot of people in providence itching for a fight. It remains a leadership problem then if you don’t get what you want.

Perhaps it’s not relevant now, U’K have 9UY and are NRDS therefore with the exception of D-G, the holders of Providence region are still NRDS. -A- is withdrawing from the offensive for the short term. perhaps this is the politics that I’ve been missing, perhaps this was intended by CVA.

Still, CVA would do well to heed what confucius said. A quote that I have in my Bio:

The superior man, when resting in safety, does not forget that danger may come. When in a state of security he does not forget the possibility of ruin. When all is orderly, he does not forget that disorder may come. Thus his person is not endangered, and his States and all their clans are preserved. – Confucius (circa 551-479 BC)

Please don’t misunderstand me, I’m not trying to twist the knife, I’m trying to exhort you to take control yourselves!

oooh, and again finally: I’d like to sincerely thank the CVA and proviholder members who have posted on this blog – I appreciate being corrected on things like the relationship with goons and the fact that I’m missing political goings on that are over my grunt-like position in the alliance. I never got that honest feedback when I was in the NC. Being able to have an open dialogue with your enemies is certainly refreshing. I will approve any comments posted on this blog usually within 12 hrs at the latest (I usually post at night and I need my sleepy time) so please be patient if it doesn’t appear immediatly.

Unity Station 9UY4-H

February 8, 2010 5 comments

I can almost hear the tears of joy in the voices of the Ushra’Khan members on voice coms. After many years of struggle against the Amarr, they have finally reclaimed the station that they created and was taken from them so long ago.


Unity station
Haven for the Ushra’Khan
Freedom for the Slaves


A glorious moment even if the station was relinquished without a fight.

May the Ushra’Khan use it wisely. -A- are going back to catch and I’ll be able to dock for the first time in a week.

In other news, Razor and Morsus Mihi alliances both declared war against -A- the very moment the station fell, and then Wildly inappropriate shortly after. We’ll see if anything becomes of this, I expect Mostly Harmless and Tau Ceti Federation will follow suit.

New years plans

January 7, 2010 5 comments

Happy new year all! I hope everyone reading this blog had a wonderful time over Christmas and new years.

Disclaimer: This post does not contain detailed battle reports or screenshots.

Well, no sense having a long build up: the biggest news for me is that with much consideration and regret, I have left Mostly Harmless Alliance and hence the northern coalition. I hope that this is only a temporary measure. The main reason being I was only able to attend one large fleet fight in the entire month of December (edit: actually – looking back at my posts – I did a lot of fighting in early december, what am I talking about? it just seems like a long time ago for some reason….. ) and January is filled up with a number of different Real life things. Oh, and I also bought left 4 dead 2… you know how much fun it is to shoot zombies compared to sitting for hours at a pos waiting for the order to go suicide yourself in a lag-filled battleship slugfest?

Seeing as the NC is on the back foot, being attacked from multiple sides simultaneously by some very large and determined alliances (and some relatively small, but no less determined alliances) each Alliance in the NC have been only helping the other alliances when a critical system was about to loose sov. In the month of December we had to do a lot of “we didn’t want that system anway” combined with “pull all non-combat ships out of xyz system…. just in case”.

Fighting over the past week even has seen a whole new level. In p-2 (mostly harmless Alliance’s forward combat system) recently there was a battle involving nine titans! None of them died, unlike in a recent battle (albeit a bit one sided due to lag) between IT alliance and Pandemic legion/goons in which 4/5 titans were destroyed in one battle.

The required commitment to fight a defensive war is far more than I can give at the moment. I cannot be as active in my corp as they deserve and so I’m pulling back to empire for a bit of R&R

To that end, I’ve started the 0.0 Veteran Rest and Relaxation Holding corp (VRRHC) and placed my main in it temporarily.

Now, I’m certain that I’ll get very bored ratting in the small amount of time I intend to log on, so I hope to get back into the 0.0 fighting in mid February. As a result I anticipate this blog will lay dormant until then, I’m sorry.

I do, however want to get back into it. I’m an all-or-nothing player, I would rather be heavily involved in a corporation, blogging, fighting, etc than wither away in a small empire mission running corp so I have already given thoughts to where I may go once I get back into it:

Mostly Harmless: I haven’t left on bad terms so I feel confident I have an opening there if I want it. I don’t feel obliged to go back to Mostly Harmless though. They do have some very good FC’s and I think are my first choice, but there are other options.

IT Alliance: Yes, I know, they’re the big bad guy, they’re the hardcore, ex bob members. To tell you the truth, when I first started the game I fully intended to join bob, but before I could even fly battleships properly, they were disbanded and shortly after removed from their space. I would love to fight an offensive war for once (something I’ve not done yet) and I’d be putting in my application to ANZAC Alliance corporation (who are both Ex-BoB and ex-Mostly Harmless coincidentally. I flew with them when they were in MH helping us against PL) to be with my fellow Aussie players, despite the fact I’m living in London.

Urshra Khan if I can ever learn to spell their name correctly, I love the Podded Podcast and although they’re not the most hard-hitting alliance, they seem fairly close nit. One of the things I’m looking for.

OUCH The open university of celestial hardship ( started by fellow blogger Alexia Morgan (who also happens to be Australian). A sort of eve-university but without the reputation for stuck up dictatorshipness, and specifically targeted at 0.0. It would be good to help build a new corp from the ground up.

In any case, I’m not going to do anything for a few weeks. My wallet is lacking due to not being able to mission in highsec because of constant wardecs and not having an alt that can run lvl 4’s .. (remedying that shortly) I have basically pvp’d for the last seven months off the smeg loads of Isk I made in 2 months in a wormhole back in march when they first came out. But now my funds are less than I like to have. to the point of making a t2 cruiser really hurt when it is lost. (ok, fine, I have a 400 mil tengu, two onyx’s, logistics ship, two transport ships and a dramiel lying around that I could sell so perhaps I’m not that poor)

Now I’m rambling, so I should stop.

I’ll be posting the occasional screenshot – I still have a few left over in reserve so watch this space and fly safe!