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The Anti-Drakefleet Drakefleet

August 9, 2012 4 comments

I was in the middle of brushing off my scanning skills – I spent 3 months in a wormhole when they first came out and I only now remember exactly how much I grew to hate scanning. still, I’m sure it will come in handy one of these days, and so I practice.

The ping came through pidgin – there was to be an Alpha fleet and a drake fleet – The Alpha fleet had already been up for a while and were combining with a dread/carrier fleet to reinforce some NCdot Towers. NCdot appeared to be forming a response drakefleet and so the call went out to hustle as we were expecting a fight from the Northern coalition defending their towers Y-PZHM.

Drake Swarm in flight

I warped back to the station, got out of my ship and jump-cloned out to QPO and hopped in a drake. On Joining the fleet I saw an unusual Message Of The Day: Drop your passive EM hardener and replace it with a damp with a scan resolution script or a web. The FC had personally bought damps and webs and put them in the staging system at a personal isk loss just so we could all have one fitted.

We all got on the titan – 100+ in fleet including scimitars, which wasn’t bad for 10 mins notice including a fitting change and we bridged in.

FC told us to hold cloak, load up a Logistics only overview profile and choose a logistics to target (usually when the FC gives you the option, you should pick someone close to your name in the alphabet) we all had ECM drones as per the goon doctrine. This would be interesting. As it turned out, the enemy had brought Tengus and munnins rather than drakes – that’s an interesting combination. they still have the weakness of relying on scimitar logistics however.

The call came to uncloak and targets began to be called in addition to the pet logis that we each had. The first thing you mus always do in a drake fleet of course before anything else is turn your modules on, microwarp drive included and anchor up on the FC. Then and only then can you target something.

primary secondary and damp targets for me

Mild Time dialation kicked in but it didn’t affect us much. The damps made a huge difference – even though our drake fleets were approximately even numbers we blew them up quite a bit faster. The damps increasing the lock time of the opposing scimitars.


Just to make sure, we warped our alpha fleet onto them and then dropped some dreads as well. towards the end of the fight, there were a lot of “Mate”‘s put in local. I don’t think the NCdot leader is ever going to live that down.


While it was enjoyable, I’m starting to get bored with just drake fleets. I can’t fly a maelstrom and I’m not sure I want to retrain either – I retrained galente from caldari back in the day, but retraining a third racial battleship? not sure. It’s encouraging to see TEST are still using Rokhs and scorpions.

At the end of the day, we won of course
Here’s the outcome of the fight as shown by eve-kill (doesn’t always have all kills)

In other news – we got a broadcast from TEST leadership. it seems that Executive Outcomes as an alliance needs to help our friends TEST. We have closer ties to them than goonswarm and NCdot are out-matched in any case. so back to Delve we go.

Here’s part of the broadcast:

In 48 hours we’ll fight for 49-‘s final timer. As a brutal realist I want to tell you that its possible we could lose that fight, it wont be the last station we fight for if we do and we will fight to take it back should that happen, Defensive wars suck balls, Offensive wars are more our style anyway.

The outcome though, will depend on every one of you. You have 48 hours. I know lasts nights fight was murder on wallets and ship stocks, but you MUST work as best you can to replace what we burned, and have even more if possible.

The final fight for that system will be bloody. Expect AAA to call in every single thing they know and or own, expect to see close to 300 tengus. Expect to die, a lot.

If you can do what you did last night, I feel we can hold that system (turns out armor reinforce cycles work well with slow cat fleets). So I dont care if you have to sit on the corner of 1dh and suck dick for money, do whatever it takes to have a fairly large stock of ships sorted, fit, and ready to go. Spare dics, bombers, frigates, HUGGINS (holy shit tons of these), scimmies and mainline fleet ships (Rokhs/Maels/Drakes).

In 48 hours we set the world on fire, again.

Our alliance and corp are pulling out all the stops for this even offering bounties on hostiles killed and extra reimbursements for ships lost such that flying a drake or rokh will actually bring a profit if you get killed. The fight goes down out of my timezone unfortunately, and gone are the days when I could just take a day off work on impulse.

I’m looking forward to reading battle reports from there.

Epic drake screenshot to finish off


High-sec is not for the faint hearted.

January 15, 2010 1 comment

I have to admit it, I’m slightly bored.

It’s only been a week since I wrote my previous post saying the massive bitch-fight between the NC and Tri-co was getting to me and I couldn’t commit enough time to be useful to my corporation in the defensive operations… and I’m sick of high sec.

Two sad things have happened since my move:

Before I joined my alt’s corp I had a bit of a foray into lowsec, where I used to hang out, in my Dramiel. It’s fun trolling the pirates: burning along at 6.5km/s, watching the probes go out, seeing them warp in, but being 100km+ away by the time they get there. Teehee – ok, that got old after the 4th or 5th time. So for fun, I shot my alt. I got a global timer, telling me that I was a criminal yay – ok I’ll just avoid stations and gates for 15 minutes – that’s easy enough, warp to a safespot and cloak up.

The timer expired and I jumped back into highsec… and get a message saying I’m a criminal, and another 15 minute timer popped up… wtf? Ok – I’ll just avoid gates and stations for 15 minutes – that’s easy enough – warp to a safespot and cloak up. Went to make a cup of tea and came back to see my pod floating next to my dramiel wreck….. I never knew that the police actually came to find you. I knew concord did but not the boring old faction police: WTB – magic faction police scan probes that can find cloaked ships in safespots.

I wanted to fly my tengu. I looked at it, made a huge leap of logic and decided that because I was in highsec empire I didn’t need an interdiction nullifier, swapped out to some intercalaced nanofiber propulsion doosywatsit, and scanned down a plex in Lustrevik system. I warped there and wanted to see how my 0.0 buffer tank would fare against the rats. It didn’t do too well. I hit the warp button and nothing happened. Oh… that’s right – npc’s can warp scramble, wish I had a drone bay, wish I didn’t have all my highslots filled with utility modules, cloak, probe launcher, cyno gen…. boom went my 400 million isk E-peen….

…and I’m bored of doing high-sec missions.

Don’t get me wrong – they’re rewarding, both monetarily but also in the “yay, I killed a rat, only 10 more and the agent will like me slightly better” type of way that other MMORPG’s achieve by levelling up.

It’s not how I remember doing missions. I remember flying my raven with t1 modules and t1 drones and having an adrenalin rush as I frantically hurried to kill the warp scrambling frigates so I could get out and let my shields regen and get back before the wrecks disappeared after their 2hr limit.

But it’s been well over a year since I last did an actual mission and my skills have improved significantly (even including cross training from caldari to galente). Advanced weapons upgrades V and Galente battleship V mean that I can fit the ships pretty much however I want and get the maximum battleship bonuses, Large hybrid specialisation at IV means that my guns rip through npc battleships, and galente drone specialisation IV mean my T2 medium drones kill frigates and cruisers before I can even lock them. Armour skills, trained to a high level by mandate of Mostly Harmless alliance’s battleship replacement program, is such that my armour rarely goes below 80%, and that’s only when I go afk to make a cup of tea and read a good book while my drones lay waste to everything on the grid.

Eve online: PVE you can play while reading a good book.

All of this, and the thing that has convinced me most that I need to get out of high-sec and back into the pvp that I love is that over this entire week, my best screenshot is a flying secure can with wings, shooting rocks:


It’s time to leave the carebear zone I’m afraid. It’s far too expensive and dangerous for my tastes. At least, in nullsec you aren’t living in constant fear of being killed while afk cloaked in a safe spot…

E-peen: I haz it

November 14, 2009 2 comments

Oh no! what have I done?!? After constantly ridiculing people who buy T3 ships as having too much isk to spare, and having further ridiculed the ships themselves as nothing more than expensive e-peen… what do I do? I hear they have dropped below 500mil fully fitted and after a large glass of wine I go and buy myself one on an impulse…. what a complete tool.

Corp Chat:

Akura kawanaka > anyone fly a tengu?
AAAAA> I can fly a tengu
BBBBB > tengu is t3
Akura kawanaka > I realise – I’m looking at buying one
AAAAA > You can bassically solo plex in it fairly easily
BBBBB > you can do that in an Ishtar at a fraction the cost
AAAAA > yeah I know but you know everyone hasn’t got gallante trained up ect
Akura kawanaka > I want it for e-peen purposes
BBBBB > can’t argue with epeen 😛
Akura kawanaka > at least I acknowlege I’m doing it for that reason

Of course, I must now think of myself as far superior to all you tech II-flying Neanderthals. It certainly looks hella cool though:

Tengu Strategic E-Peen Cruiser by starlight

Of course, in order to transport it out to nullsec, I also made a bit of a more sensible purchase. Previously I had bought myself an Occator for the massive cargo hold, but in combat operations it is better to be flying a cloaky ship, and in order to support black Ops incursions I need to be flying a blockade runner, so I bought myself a Viator which has a not too shabby cargo hold of 10,279 with rigs and my skills, but the warping cloak is the main use.

Viator blockade runner undocking

Undocking from jita I was actually more fearful than I am in nullsec…. I seriously hate carrying anything of value through heavily populated areas but anyway…. on the way from jita to my home region of Pure blind I was actually targeted by a crusader, although because I was flying manually and cloaking immediately he didn’t achieve full lock. it was actually a relief to get to the friendly gate camp into the first 0.0 system.

With the tengu at the moment it’s a probing/remote repping/interdiction nullifying monstrosity but I’ll be turning it into a t3 command ship shortly. also at my stop in Jita I bought the Wing command skill and warfare link specialist so I should be able to fit a decent warfare link Tengu within a month or two.

anyway – more pictures: